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Switch Wine

Switch is a small organic wine producer. They were after something a little different to stand out from the crowd (just like their wine). They didn’t need a lot of excessive content on the site, so we went for a more original horizontal layout and threw some css3 animation in the mix.


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Dean Oakley freelance web designer

Portfolio site for Gold Coast based web designer and developer Dean Oakley. This unique site has been linked on many web design sites, been featured in .net magazine and had over 750,000 visits! 

animationfunhorizontalillustrationmobileone pageportfolioresponsiveunique layoutwordpress

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Portfolio for Sanji Amara

An overview of his personal work in fashion, digital and fine arts. The site features a highly customised touch friendly carousel.

You’ve done a fantastic job. I am amazed at how accurately you have executed the site. Thanks so much for a fantastic job & very fluid working process.
Sanji Amara

animationcss3fullscreenhorizontalminimalunique layoutwordpress

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Now this was a fun, alternative project that resulted in something special: a horizontal, scroll-along, single-page site that features a drag and drop shopping cart which also works on mobile devices.

But tell you what – the site looks and feels absolutely fantastic…
Morse Modaberi

animationcolourfulcss3funmobileone pageshopping cartunique layoutwordpress

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F5 Web Design Gold Coast

This was a previous portfolio site for us. The site was fun to make and was linked on various design sites. We have left it up as a showpiece!

animationcolourfulfunillustrationone pageunique layoutuser interaction

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