website design gold coast
website design gold coast

.10 Things To Avoid On Your Website

We’ve complied a list of 10 things you should avoid putting on your website (plus the best ways to fix them).

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.The 10 Best Corporate Cyperpunk Logos

We scoured the depths of Reddit to find the best futuristic rebrands of pop cultures 10 major megacorps.

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.Our Mac Development Setup

Here is our fine-tuned guide to setting up your local MAC web development environment.

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.4 Ranking Factors for 2018

SEMRush’s Latest ranking report is now out, and the stats are in for the top ranking factors.

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.WooCommerce Checklist

WooCommerce is at the heart of many ecommerce stores, designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

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.New WordPress Website Checklist

We hammer out a lot of new sites and over years we have built up a substantial our going live checklist. Here are the basics!

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.Static Hosting with Amazon AWS S3 buckets and Cloudfront

Amazon Web Services offer the ability to create static sites that are globally fast and practically free to host via the S3 service.

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.Quickly migrate WordPress from cPanel with command line and using SSH, rsync & WP-CLI

We have recently migrated all our sites away from cPanel to clean, fast Ubuntu servers. Here is a tutorial to help you do the same!

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.Free Download – Website Starter Guide

To help our new clients out and answer a lot of common questions that we are asked we made a “help I’m getting a new website” eBook.

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WooSwipe is a product gallery for WooCommerce. The gallery is built using PhotoSwipe from Dmitry Semenov and Slick Carousel.

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.The 50 most used passwords and how to keep yours safe

I recently read about a study of a huge amount of leaked passwords. In this study the password choices of 10 million people, from everyday people to the rich and powerful were analysed. Some interesting people were on the list including the global director of Nike whose password was cracked in 0.02 seconds, an editor at the New York Times 0.9 seconds and senior manager at IBM 0.0 seconds! The majority of these were able to be cracked in under 22 seconds. The list was full of high profile people making the same mistakes we all do.

If you use email providers like Gmail you don’t need to worry too much about your passwords being cracked by hacking software. These providers are set up to stop illegitimate attacks almost immediately. The same goes for your online banking, but for websites like yours that don’t have the same level of security we need to know how to keep the hackers out.

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.PhotoSwipe Masonry

Dmitry kindly gave us permission to create a WordPress plugin in a similar fashion to our popular PhotoSpace gallery.

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.PHOTOSPACE Responsive

A simplified version of Photospace featuring a responsive only layout.

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.Pinzolo – A responsive WordPress theme

Alpine is a brand new WordPress theme we are releasing for free. It has been designed to be minimal and easy to use.

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.Bannerspace – A WordPress plugin

Bannerspace is powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle plugin. The plugin creates a custom post type for your slides.

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.WordPress Contact Form 7 – Pure CSS theme / skin

Here is a bit of css to override the default styling of this flexible form plugin.

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.WordPress gallery plugin PHOTOSPACE 2

Powered by galleriffic the plugin adds any images attached to the post or page into the gallery.

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.Code snippets to help ‘CMS’ your WordPress sites

Some handy code snippets for your functions.php

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.WordPress gallery plugin PHOTOSPACE

The plugin automatically adds any images attached to the post or page into the gallery. See the new version!

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.Free WordPress gallery theme PHOTOSPACE

PHOTOSPACE is a powerful gallery for photographers or designers, featuring an easy to use jQuery gallery.

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