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The 50 most used passwords and how to keep yours safe

04.09.15 Posted in Blog by 0 Comments

I recently read about a study of a huge amount of leaked passwords. In this study the password choices of 10 million people, from everyday people to the rich and powerful were analysed. Some interesting people were on the list including the global director of Nike whose password was cracked in 0.02 seconds, an editor at the New York Times 0.9 seconds and senior manager at IBM 0.0 seconds! The majority of these were able to be cracked in under 22 seconds. The list was full of high profile people making the same mistakes we all do.

If you use email providers like Gmail you don’t need to worry too much about your passwords being cracked by hacking software. These providers are set up to stop illegitimate attacks almost immediately. The same goes for your online banking, but for websites like yours that don’t have the same level of security we need to know how to keep the hackers out.