Horizontal thumbnails on the bottom

Use these settings
[photospace horizontal_thumb=true  num_thumb=4]

Add this to style.css in your theme folder. You may need to adjust to suit the size of your gallery (see comments).

  margin-bottom: 80px !important; /* space for row of thumbs */

.photospace .slideshow img {
  vertical-align:bottom  !important;

.photospace .slideshow span.image-wrapper {

.photospace ,
.photospace .thumnail_col,
.photospace .gal_content,
.photospace .loader,
.photospace .slideshow a.advance-link{
  width:420px; /* width of main image */

.photospace .thumbs_wrap2{
  height:60px; /* height of thumbnails */
        overflow: hidden;

.photospace .thumbs_wrap{  
    float: left;
    left: 50%;
    position: relative;

.photospace .pageLink.next{

.photospace .thumnail_col {
  float: left;
        left: -50%;
  width:auto  !important;
  position: relative;

.photospace ul.thumbs {

.photospace a.advance-link {
    line-height: 370px; /* height of main image */