website design gold coast
website design gold coast

Greenphaze Solar

Greenphaze Solar is a Gold Coast company that specializes in solar installation for the average homeowner and business. Professional and known for delivering great results, we created a logo, branding guide, and website that represented their services and vision.


We created a memorable logo that represented a connection to nature through a vibrant green and a connection to the sun and energy through yellow. On the left of the text, we created a leaf connected with a G to represent Greenphaze and a subtle element of golden, to encapsulate the entire brand in a single visual image.


When it came to the design we wanted to create a functional website with call to actions throughout. Visually, we wanted the website to be appealing and engaging. We did this by creating customised icons and an animated timeline of the Greenphaze Solar process in order to visually show users the process as opposed to a body of text.

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