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The 10 Best Corporate Cyperpunk Logos

Much like how Blade Runner as Tyrell Corp and the Alien franchise has Weyland Corp, Reddit fans have rebranded some of the biggest pop culture companies to coincide with the ongoing internet design saga based around the futuristic subgrene cyberpunk.


So, in celebration of our favourite kick-ass science fiction movies released in 2017, we wanted to collect some of the best cyberpunk megacorp logos for your viewing.


1. MasterCard

mindc0ntrol / Reddit


2. Amazon

Gnoll_Librarian / Reddit


3. Disney

Paragania / Reddit


4. McDonalds

DrKrepz / Reddit


5. Adidas

1RWeiman / Reddit


6. Suzuki

Lolheaddeadbre / Reddit

7. Fox News

Totemical / Reddit


8. Science Party Australia

NewFuturist / Reddit

9. Alphabet Inc

zlsa / Reddit


10. Google

UknowmeimGui / Reddit


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