website design gold coast
website design gold coast
UC Dental

UC Dental is a full-service dental clinic located in on the Gold Coast who came to Thrive in need for a clean, striking digital upgrade. We created a modern, dark interface to match their crisp branding in hopes to help them stand out from their surrounding competition.

“Thrive have been thoroughly successful in creating a modern & responsive website for our dental practice. In my opinion, their quality of graphic design is unrivalled by their industry competitors. They also displayed excellent communication throughout the whole process of designing our website & were very helpful with implementing all of our suggestions & changes.”

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Supesu – A Responsive WordPress 5 theme

Supesu a shiny new responsive WordPress 5 theme. Designed to be minimal in its simplicity, allowing you to showcase your posts with fabulous photography, images or typography,

Features include:

  • Theme customisation options in the new Theme Customizer
    • Site logo
    • Custom heading, subheading, link and button colours
    • Social Media
  • Responsive layout for mobile and widescreen browsing
  • Opening and closing hamburger menu
  • Comments area for blog posts
  • Feature images that fade to black and white for a classic effect
  • Compatible with the up and coming WordPress 5
  • Compatible with the Gutenburg Plugin

See the Demo or Download

Want to contribute? We are now on Github

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COBA First Aid

COBA First Aid produce stunning educational videos in order to help teach people about first aid. They wanted a digital persona that was clean and simplistic yet gave them a distinctive, playful brand. With the integration of custom illustrations and bright colours, we were able to help kickstart their unique online presence to accompany their strong vision in helping create a personalised educational experience.

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The 10 Best Corporate Cyperpunk Logos

Much like how Blade Runner has Tyrell Corp and the Alien franchise has Weyland Corp, Reddit fans have rebranded some of the biggest pop culture companies to coincide with the ongoing internet design saga based around the futuristic subgenre cyberpunk. So, in celebration of our favourite kick-ass science fiction movies released in 2017, we collected some of the best cyberpunk logos for your viewing.


1. MasterCard

mindc0ntrol / Reddit


2. Amazon

Gnoll_Librarian / Reddit


3. Disney

Paragania / Reddit


4. McDonalds

DrKrepz / Reddit


5. Adidas

1RWeiman / Reddit


6. Suzuki

Lolheaddeadbre / Reddit

7. Fox News

Totemical / Reddit


8. Science Party Australia

NewFuturist / Reddit

9. Alphabet Inc

zlsa / Reddit


10. Google

UknowmeimGui / Reddit


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Temp Chef Labour Hire

Temp Chef Labour Hire is one of our recent clients who provide professional services and solutions such as personal Chefs, commercial Chefs, and remote location Chef staffing. All Chefs are professionals with 5+ years of experience! We designed a clean and high end feeling website with effective iconography and a dark modern colour palette steering away from a generic look to a more visually engaging experience.

“We love it! The whole thing is absolutely perfect, can’t thank you enough.” – Lucy from Temp Chef Labour Hire

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