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Shopify Agency Gold Coast

Shopify Agency Gold Coast

We’ve been Shopify Partners since 2012, crafting beautifully designed Shopify websites.

Online shopping has transformed the way businesses operate, giving customers from across the world access to your products or services. Shopify is renowned for its user-friendly platform and it’s great for simpler online stores, as well as businesses expecting traffic spikes.

Shopify Setup

Let Thrive Web help you get started with Shopify! We'll set up your store and customise it to meet the needs of your brand to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Custom Shopify Web Design

The online environment is competitive, let Thrive Web help you stand out from your competition and custom Shopify web design that reflects your brand identity.

E-commerce Functionality

We will optimise your store for seamless online transactions, including secure payment gateways, shopping cart functionality and product listings.

Enhanced User Experience

Let us create the ultimate user experience and ensure your Shopify store works seamlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

SEO Optimisation

Our experienced SEO specialists will take strategic steps to ensure your website is SEO optimised and enhance your online visibility, drive organic traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your Shopify store operating seamlessly and ensure your customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

"Working with Thrive was smooth and exciting from day one. They put their clients first, nail the briefs, ask all the smart questions and provide great results. We also love their team, they are always available and have great communications skills. Thrive has optimised our website and are constantly finding ways to improve the shopping experiences of our customers. I 100% recommend them for Shopify Web Design on the Gold Coast."

Larisa Cevallos

Larisa Cevallos

Natures Farmer Sea

Experts in Shopify Web Design Gold Coast

At Thrive Web, our designers and developers have been working with Shopify stores since 2015, allowing them to develop exceptional skills in creating high-performing e-commerce websites. Our team of Shopify web design experts will help you harness the full potential of this platform to drive online sales. 

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Elevate Your E-Commerce with Shopify Partners

As your Gold Coast Shopify partner, Thrive Web has a proven track record of delivering responsive Shopify websites. We are certified professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Shopify platform and a deep understanding of e-commerce best practices.

"Working with Thrive was fantastic. They went above and beyond. They were super responsive and nailed the brief. Recommended them 100% for Shopify web design on the Gold Coast. "

Mickey Kovari

Mickey Kovari

Native Foodways

Optimise your Shopify Store with Thrive Web

Create the ultimate Shopify experience by leveraging our expertise in e-commerce design, functionality, and user experience. We’ll work with you to understand your brand’s unique identity and objectives, ensuring that your Shopify web design not only looks visually stunning but also operates seamlessly.

Got questions?

Shopify Web Design FAQs

What's the first step in the process for Shopify web design? 

The first thing we do is sit down and chat about your specific needs. We find that Shopify themes can be less flexible compared to WordPress, so it’s important that we’re clear on what you want right from the beginning.

Do I have to start from scratch for my Shopify web design? 

Not at all! We generally start with a basic Shopify theme as a framework and customise it to suit your requirements. There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel! 


When it comes to Shopify web design, how much customisation can you do?

Thanks to our knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we’re able to tweak your store’s design and functionality extensively. Shopify also provides solid documentation to help guide any customisations we make. 

What is liquid and why does it matter? 

Liquid is Shopify’s template language. When it comes to customising how your store looks and functions, it’s vital as it determines how you display products through to sorting collections. 

Do Thrive developers use version control? 

Yes, especially when we’re working on larger projects. We use git for version control as Shopify doesn’t offer this feature natively, think of it as an extra safety net. 


How do you test the user experience? 

For Shopify web design, we conduct detailed UX testing to ensure all custom elements are both intuitive and functional. This includes ensuring your store is fully optimised for mobile and tablet views. We cover functional, performance, and mobile testing to make sure your store runs seamlessly across all fronts.


Will custom Shopify web design affect SEO?

If it’s not completed carefully, custom Shopify web design can impact SEO. That’s why we follow best practices when it comes to aspects like header structures, meta tags and URL formatting. 

Why is SEO optimisation important for my Shopify website? 

SEO optimisation is an essential part of the Shopify web design process as it helps your website gain visibility on search engines, drives organic traffic and boosts search engine rankings. At Thrive, our experienced SEO specialists will develop strategic SEO tactics tailored to your businesses needs to enhance your online presence. 


What is e-commerce functionality and why is it an essential part of a Shopify store? 

E-commerce functionality includes features like secure payment gateways, shopping cart functionality, and product listings. It’s crucial for smooth online transactions and a user-friendly shopping experience. Thrive Web developers optimise these functionalities as part of the Shopify web design services Gold Coast. 


What happens after going live with my new Shopify web design? 

After launch we’ll monitor user behaviour and feedback and make any necessary adjustments. It’s not just set and forget; we like to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Will there be any ongoing maintenance with my Shopify web design? 

Because custom work can be a little more complex, there may be some ongoing maintenance required. But, we’ll make sure you’re aware of this and offer options for support packages.

Do you provide any training for my new Shopify website? 

Absolutely! We’ll give you a crash course to help you understand your website and manage your Shopify store effectively. We’ll also provide you with all necessary login details as well as a basic guide so you can manage your Shopify store with ease. 


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