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Wordpress Hosting & Support

Wordpress Hosting & Support

At Thrive, we provide fast, reliable, fully managed, and cloud-based WordPress hosting services for all of our clients.

Our team are WordPress hosting experts and have been using the WordPress platform for over 10 years. We make your site fast, and secure and keep it regularly backed up. All our sites are hosted on the best cloud servers provided by Amazon AWS Cloud or Vult in Sydney, specifically optimised for increased website speed and performance. We personally setup, monitor and manage our servers, so forget getting caught up with a middleman and know we have proven experience in WordPress hosting high-traffic websites and managing digital resources.

Our Local Gold Coast Team

We have a local team of WordPress hosting experts who can quickly jump on any issues you are having with your WordPress hosted site, plugins, domains or servers. Unlike other companies who outsource support, you will be amazed at the speed of our service and the deep knowledge of our team.  With over 15 years of experience in web development there isn’t a better WordPress hosting and support team on the Gold Coast.

Our WordPress hosting and support plans include:

  • The world’s fastest and most reliable server provided by AWS in Sydney
  • Security and anti-spam updates, monitoring for recurring attacks
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Basic SEO help and monitoring
  • Expert local help to add content or manage WordPress settings
  • Regular auto backups to S3 (a remote durable static server)
  • SSL setup and renewal
  • And so much more…
Got questions?

WordPress Hosting & Support FAQs

How much do you charge for WordPress hosting & support?

Please download our WordPress Hosting & Support PDF below for our current pricing and plans.

Do you manage your own WordPress hosting servers?

Yes, we fully manage, monitor, and run our WordPress cloud servers on AWS and Vultr. This means we have full access to quickly solve issues and stay on top of server management.

How are the backups managed?

Backups are set to run at both daily and weekly intervals on all our websites. These are stored safely in a secondary server that you can easily access.

How do we request support?

To get in touch with our support team, please email our support team at support@thriveweb.com.au or give our office a call on (07) 5535 0063 and we will put you in touch with the right person for the job!

How many WordPress hosted websites do you manage?

We manage over 600+ busy WordPress hosted sites at any given time. With our experience and resources, we resolve any and all website issues at lightening speed.

Do you host the WordPress site near my target audience?

Yes, we have servers around the world and can host the site close to your target audience. We can also use a CDN to improve global loading times. Fast WordPress hosting is something we pride ourselves in.

What should I consider when choosing a WordPress host?

Expert support is the most important factor in WordPress hosting. You need a team that is familiar with your website and how it functions. Not just a basic web hosting company that doesn’t care or know anything about your website.

Other factors you should consider are:

  • Server speed and size – We offer Unlimited Bandwidth and 10GB storage with basic plans
  • Server location – You need a WordPress server close to your audience
  • Reliability of backups – We have a backup plugin running on the site daily that you can access at all times. We also have secondary server snapshots taken weekly that we can access.
  • Premium Plugins – Get access to premium plugins like Gravity Forms, iThemes Security Pro, and our favourite ACF Pro.
  • Anti-Spam – Your site will be protected from any comment or form spam using Akismet filtering service.
  • Website Monitoring – Continuous automatic monitoring of your website performance, security, usage, and up time.
  • After hours support – Our call centre never closes.
Can you mange sites with high traffic?

Yes, over the years we have managed some very busy sites with large traffic spikes and we still do. We have extensive experience in server upgrades and code and database optimisations. We have real-time monitoring and 24-hour phone support.

Do you have support after hours?

Yes, our after-hours call centre can take your call and forward urgent calls to one of our on-call team can manage the issue.

Download our Hosting & Support Pricing PDF

Download our Hosting & Support Pricing PDF

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