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7 Little Changes To Make To Your Landing Page

Your landing page is often the first impression a customer will receive and it needs to make an impact.

Let’s face it, a good landing page could be the deal breaker when it comes to converting a lead to a sale and generating more business. Your landing page is often the first impression a customer will receive and it needs to make an impact. It needs to deliver on what was promised when they clicked, and make your users feel confident to take further action.

So what little changes can you make that will make a big difference to your landing page?

1 Keep it simple

Think minimal and always be clear and concise. Too much clutter on your landing page will confuse your customers and information will get lost. Identify the key messages you want to convey and keep it brief.

In terms of website design, keep it simple and avoid using too many contrasting colours or images. Choose a theme that is consistent with your brand image and ensure the page is easy to navigate and easy to understand.

2 Tell A Story

Does your landing page effectively portray what your business is about?

Your landing page should have a narrative; it should flow and give your customers a quick snapshot of what your business is about. Don’t bore your customers with too much information, share your story and keep it clear and straight to the point.

3 Proofread

This is a no-brainer! Always proofread your landing page (an entire website for that matter) to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. One small typo could be the clincher for a potential customer, and it’s so easily fixed!

4 Create Urgency

Your landing page needs to create urgency and have a call to action. It serves to encourage customers to click again, whether it’s to buy, contact you or send the link to a friend.

Your landing page is an awesome platform for you to connect with your customers or advertise your latest promotions or sales. Constantly updating your website’s landing page with fresh content will also help with your SEO and drive more traffic to your website.

5 Keep It Relevant

Keep in mind the reason why people are visiting your website. Think about what they want, what their dreams and goals are and how your business can fulfil these needs.

From a sales perspective, it’s about giving your customers the right information to eventually sell a product or service. If the information on your landing page isn’t relevant to your demographic, delete it!

6 Make It Mobile Friendly

If your website hasn’t been updated for a while or was created a long time ago, it’s important to ensure that it is mobile friendly.

According to Statista, in 2018,  52.2 % of website traffic was via mobile phones.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, that’s 50% more people you could be reaching!

7 It’s All About Design

In the end, your landing page needs to grab the viewers attention. It needs to be eye-catching and appealing and designed so it’s easily consumed. Step back and take a look at your landing page from a customer’s perspective.

Could it do with an update? Is the page design outdated or lacking punch?

To successfully engage customers to buy, contact you or spread word of mouth via your website you need to design a landing page that they’ll remember. If you need help updating your current website or designing a new one, call the Thrive Web team on 07 5535 0063 or email us

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    My earning improved approximately a 7% by applying those tricks, thanks.

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