Claim Wise is a personal injury law firm working with motor vehicle and WorkCover claims. Claim Wise approached Thrive Digital to create a new website for their brand, making it easy to navigate and user-friendly.

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Web Design

The Claim Wise website incorporates fun and playful undertones, with a bright colour palette and illustrations and icons to bring the Claim Wise brand to life online. Illustrations play a significant role in this website, as well as image treatments to create a vibrant and engaging user experience. Navigation is simple, allowing website visitors to easily find the information they are looking for, while still giving Claim Wise the ability to share important information that showcases their services and capabilities.

The homepage features a video and a ‘get started’ button to help users step through their journey to access Claim Wise services. With a ‘Get Wise’ blog page and lengthy FAQs,  we have ensured website visitors can access the information and resources they need. This isn’t your ordinary personal injury lawyer website.


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