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ManTnatal – The Modern Dad

Gary, Founder of ManTnatal reached out to Thrive Digital for a logo, branding, and website for his business, which helps men prepare and set up for the life changes that happen when becoming a new dad through coaching and workshops. Gary had a clear vision of what unique services he wanted to provide men, and we created a distinct brand and website that encapsulates it to perfection. 

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Brand Design

When coming up with a branding concept that reflected the business, we designed a strong, modern and established logo, that reflected the empowering coaching workshops at ManTnatal. We chose a Midnight Blue and Coral colour scheme to create a sense of warmth, strength and connection that aligned with ManTnatal’s core values.

Website Design

ManTnatal’s website is immersive and abstract, strongly focusing on their powerful messaging throughout. The use of warm colours and immersive custom visual elements, aids in creating a strong sense of trust, empowerment and strength.


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