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Bannerspace Plugin

Bannerspace is powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle plugin. The plugin creates a custom post type for your slides.

Bannerspace is a versatile banner / slideshow plugin powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle.  The plugin creates a custom post type for your slides and allows the user to create simple slideshows with funky transition effects such as fade, scroll, shuffle, zoom, and  more.

At the moment it’s only capable of creating a single slide show per page.

Use the shortcode [[bannerspace]] and your done.

The Bannerspace plugin allows you to:

  • Select the transition effect
  • Easily set the size of the banner, image and content areas
  • Gives you image loading options for a graceful start to your slideshow
  • Order slides via drag and drop using the Simple Page Ordering plugin
  • Change the colour of the UI elements
  • and more…

download the plugin

You can add a link to the entire slide by using the custom field link.

You will need to rebuild your thumbnails if you:

  1. have images already on the server
  2. change the size of the banner in the options
  3. edit the image

Use AJAX thumbnail rebuild (recommended) or Regenerate Thumbnails

There is also an admin panel with some options. Look for Bannerspace Options down the bottom on the left. The plugin should work with the default settings.

Template tag

If you want to hard code this plugin into a page template you can do so with this code.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[bannerspace]'); ?>

Add multiple banners on your site using shortcode attributes and categories (only one banner per page)

Assign categories to your posts the add the category name or id and an attribute. Like so:

[[bannerspace cat=5 ]] or [[bannerspace category_name=home_slides ]]

where 5 is the category id and home_slides is the category slug.

Confused? Here is a basic guide.

You have installed the plugin… now what? The content for the slides come from custom posts. When you install the plugin a new menu item is created called Banner Slides. This should be under comments (top left in the main WordPress menu).

Create new posts to add them to the slideshow.  To attach the images you need to add a featured image. The title and content will be displayed on the right.
There is an option panel in the left column at the bottom called Bannerspace Options where you can change some settings, sizes and colours. To make major changes to the layout and styling you will need to know some CSS. Then you add the short code tag [[bannerspace]] into the content area where you want the slideshow. Too add a link to the slide enter link as the custom filed name and the full URL address as the value. That’s it!

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  1. Hello Dean!

    First of all thank you for a great plugin. But I wonder if you could help me, must be doing something wrong, the slideshow will not work on my homepage. WordPress is still a bit new to me.

    best regards TC

  2. I second that request. I have successfully installed and activated the plugin on my Worpress blog. However, I have no idea how to get started using it. I’ve only been on WordPress for about a month. Still looking for a demo for this and will continue checking for your response in the meantime.

  3. I second that request too. Installed and activated the plugin, chose my images for the slides (5) but no luck. Your basic guide does not make it work either and the short tag code [bannerspace] doesn’t make it appear.
    Can you help?

  4. The plugin needed to come after the word “hierbij” so I’ve inserted the short code (with all the tags) at the right position, but then it just showed the code, and not the slideshow. So I removed it again.

  5. Hi, I downloaded and installed the plug, but I have small problems. I added the code () but unfortunately does not work. I do not know why.

    Here you can train to see:

    You can help me please? Thanks!

  6. Hi, great plugin. Just two questions:
    is it possible to turn off the autoplay?

    is it possible to use this on two pages, with two different (bannerspace) slideshows? It seems that you can only create one with the banner slides page, so if you put in [bannerspace] on multiple pages,it will always be the same slideshow.
    Thank you!

  7. Wow that was quick!
    Here is the link to the page I’m working on, it is still in test so looks unfinished but will give you an idea.

    • You are getting a JS error. I’m not sure why. You will need to disable any other plugins to try to track down the problem. It may be an issue with your theme.

  8. I have managed to set up the banners fine but the only thing that won’t work is the automatic transitions. They transform fine when I use the arrows or page markers though. Any ideas what is wrong? Other than that, I love it, a good simple plugin that does exactly what I needed. Cheers.


  9. This plugin is precisely what I was after, what a fantastic implementation. It mixes easy plugin use with lightweight functionality and customisability on the front end.

    Thank you guys, top notch work,

    Dee, Brisbane Aus.

  10. Dean,

    First, thank you for the great plugin! It’s exactly what we were looking for.

    Just have a question about the number of slides? Is there a limit to how many can be added to the banner space. I’ve added 13 slides but only the first 10 are showing.


  11. First, thanks for the great plugin!

    I just have a question about the paging part. Can I add numbers to that paging? I found the html part of the content and images but i wasn’t able to find where can i put some wordpress code to call a number or the title of the post.


  12. Hello,
    I’m developing a site locally and I installed this plugin about an hour ago. I placed the banner on the index page. The banner is showing up with the text, and functioning like it is supposed to except the images aren’t showing up. When I move the banner to any of my other pages everything works just fine and the photos show up. Any idea what I could try to fix this?

    Thanks for your time and for the plugin!

    • Hi Liz

      It must be a problem with your theme. It’s hard to say whit it could be, you would have to post a link.

  13. Okay, thanks for getting back to me. When I get a little further along I’ll email you the link. It’s a great plugin – I’m excited to have it. Just fyi, I am able to place a photo behind it and it looks really awesome to have the info boxes slide over the still image. Just thought I’d share that. = ) -Liz

  14. Hello Dean!

    First of all thank you for this plugin. Great work!

    I wondered if it is possible to link to an alternative style sheet. Of course I can edit the bannerspace.css, but then the changes would be overwritten after an update…



    • Hi Patrick

      You can override the CSS in your own style sheet. You may need to use !important. Such as…

      {code type=CSS}
      #bannerspace p{
      color:#fff !important;
      text-shadow: 2px 2px 4px #000;

  15. Hello,
    Your plugin looks like it’s just what I need for my new project, but I can’t get it work. All I get is all the slides shown at once. If I take a look in the pages source code, there’s no jquery file linked and no parameters set. Could you please tell me what am I doing wrong.

    Thank you!



  16. Hi Dean, I am trying to implement this plugin and I am running into some difficulty. I have added my banner slides according to the provided directions. However, when I upload my image through the featured image option the image and text appear in the bottom right portion of the banner. It seemingly is not setting this image as my featured image and instead is reading it as part of the text. What is the exact protocol here? Step 1: I added the [bannerspace] code into my homepage and the banner slides appear empty. Step 2: I added a new banner slide within the banner slide menu option. Step 3: I clicked on set featured image at the bottom of the sidebar.

    I have tried both to include the same [bannerspace] code within the banner slide post as well. Still no luck.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    • Not sure, can you post a link?

      • This is actually a closed site for a client so I can’t post the link! I have also emailed you for an easier correspondence. Do you think you can lay out the process of using this plugin one by one. One piece I was confused on, when using the [bannerspace] code, do you place it within the actual page you want your banner to appear and within the bannerslide post?

      • When I follow your directions, I have put [bannerspace] within my home page, which is where I want the banner slides to rest. Then I add a new banner slide and upload an image from my computer + add text. And the HTML code looks like this:

        this is a test. Testing 1, 2, 3! 

        I have captured a screen shot of what the overall product looks like for you to review. I can email it to you once you confirm. Thanks for your help!

  17. Hey Dean, cracking plugin!
    Is there any way to swap the positions of the image and the text? Cheers :-)

    • Hi Mike

      You can with CSS. Add this to your main CSS file.

      {code type=CSS}
      #bannerspace .imageWrapper {
      float: right !important;

      #bannerspace .content {
      left: 20px !important;

  18. How do I add a pre-loader animation?

    The slides stick initally and look a little buggy on load with a larger image based slider & multiple slides.

    Great utility.
    Sean Sr.

  19. Budiadiliansyah says:

    Hi Dean, nice plugin.
    just one question, i can’t seem to make the Slide delay working
    the slideshow isn’t working

    how to make them work ? cheers

  20. Budiadiliansyah says:

    sorry, problem solved!
    It’s because of jquery conflicts.

    I remove my default jquery 1.4.2 code line in my template and now it is working like charm

    thank you very much for the great plugin! :-)

  21. Amazing plugin thank you so much.God bless you.

  22. Hello!

    Thanks for the wonderful plug in!!! I had a hard time finding a plug in that did exactly what I wanted and your Bannerspace plugin did the trick!!!

    I did just have one question. I have installed your plug in on my homepage, but it seems that my drop-down navigation along the top are not visible only in IE 7. It works fine in ie8 and Firefox, but in IE7, the drop down menus seem to disappear behind the banner animation. Is there anything I could do to fix this issue?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  23. Hello
    After a update yesterday?!? the plugin does not work anymore correctly :-(
    All content are visible at once – see
    I deinstalled the plugin and installed it again – not better…
    Version 1.2.0
    Thanks for any HELP


  24. Great plugin. Just a questions:)))…
    is it possible get work “custom-fields” area?

  25. I want to use this plugin but the ‘documentation’ is way too basic.

    I’ve installed the plugin now what? Your basic guide just does not go into enough detail to get things working.

    Am I supposed to create a post for each slide that I use? Or does one post with all the images suffice?

  26. Great Work Dean

    i would like to know if i can change the position for view the panel
    because my wp-admin page use rtl with Arabic language!
    but when i active Bannerspace it’s make my panel left to right not right to left !
    can you help please ?

  27. I’ve inserted a gallery using this plugin on my homepage, and have top-navigation links right above it. When the image start to cycle through, and then you try to hover over the top-nav links to see the subpages, they get positioned behind the slider. This does not happen if there is only one image, and therefore not cycling through. I’d really appreciate any help you could offer to fix this!

  28. hi dean,

    awesome plug in!

    i have the same problem as jess… my banner space sits over the top of my nav links.. any idea how this could be resolved?

    also is it possible to post the [bannerspace] into the sidebar?


    • Hi Jon. The new version should fix this. To make it work in a sidebar you need to add this to your functions.php

      {code type=php}
      add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’); // allow shortcodes

  29. HI! thank you for creating this plugin.. it is exactly what I want – simple and quick.

    I have it implemented into my site, and it shows on the page with slides. However, it keeps using the wrong image size. It keep selecing the image large size (454×230) instead of the original size.

    What can I do to change that to make sure it shows the original image size?

    I have changed the setting of (Image width and Height to somethin glike 800×600 as a test) in the “Bannerspace options” backend but no luck.

    Thank you!

  30. Sorry Dean, but that basic guide is anything but easy to follow, I mean, you only say we should use the featured image; and then ? Insert it on the post or not ? Choose all photos at once on that same post ? Create different posts ? Insert as gallery ? …

    Thanks, M.

  31. Thanks a lot, this plugin very nice

  32. Dear Dean,
    thank you for your wonderful plugin. its really useful. I have a question to make, probably im doing something wrong with the size of the banner. I have your plugin installed in a web page, i can see that the banner takes some space, but only a small part of the whole space is used for the banner pics. Can you help please?

  33. Dean,
    Hoping for a solution here – we’ve gone through great lengths to create ‘right sized’ images for the scrolling banners using your plug in. Our challenge is that we were under the impression that each banner that scrolls would be an image you can link on to go to a section of your site.

    So if the banner shows ‘Huge Clearance Sale’ we were hoping to direct the visitor to ‘click on the banner’ and have them leave the landing page to go to the Clearance Page …

    It appears that the url link that is allowed on your plug in is only to show the same banner in a larger size.

    I’m really hopeful that we’re just mis-interpreting how to use the URL link in your plug in.

    Thank you.

  34. I have it installed on my home page but my images show up in the bottom right. How do I fix? thanks

  35. Michael Yu says:

    bug report, IE compatible issue
    In ie6, ie 7 the latest banner(Version: 1.2.2), failed to click slide picture to link to link defined in custom field for slide.

    change code as below
    wrap "<a href="'.$link.'" rel="nofollow">" direct outside to 'get_the_post_thumbnail($post-&gt;ID, 'bannerspace'); '

    detailed code as below

      $output_buffer .='    
                  <!--image slider-->
                if( !empty($link) ) : 
                  $output_buffer .='<a href="'.$link.'" rel="nofollow">';
                $output_buffer .=  
                   get_the_post_thumbnail($post-&gt;ID, 'bannerspace'); 
                if( !empty($link) ) : 
                  $output_buffer .='</a>';
                $output_buffer .=   
                   '<!--end image wrapper-->

  36. Hi all!
    I have a problem, In slider doesn’t load images, has only content.
    – is empty. Please help me fix this problem.

  37. First off, thanks for this plugin! It was just what I was looking for. But is there an option to pause on hover that I’m missing somewhere?

  38. Hi – this plugin is almost perfect for what I need, but wondering how hard it would be to edit it to reference a custom post type I’m already using on my site, instead of the bannerspace_post type. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  39. Found a bug in the code that renders out the title tag incorrectly in the menu. Currently it will render out the first word of the title in the title attribute and then treat the rest of the words as attributes in the tag.

    file to update – bannerspace.php
    line 448


    return '<a href="void(0)" title="'+title+'" rel="nofollow"></a>';

  40. Is there going to be an update for the IE bug? I can’t get my images go to the links I’ve set in the custom ‘link’ field and the above fix doesn’t work for me.


  41. I’ve hardcoded do_shortcode(‘[bannerspace cat=”banner-home”]’); into a template. It works without the “cat” attribute but I can’t get it to work with it.

    Does that function except attributes?

  42. Hi Dean,
    I am new to WordPress.
    Firstly thanks a lot for such a great plugin. Really nice work done.
    I installed and activated the plugin. Unfortunately it shows only one slide. however i have four slides.
    Can you help please?

  43. hi,

    in wordpress , we placed this shortcode, it is working fine except product details page. in product details page it getting extra image tag

    and first image is not coming .

    please provide me the solution for it.

  44. Hi!
    Great plugin, will be a sucess.
    I only need to see always the arrows. How can i turn off the fade out effect’s on arrows?

  45. Is there any way to disable all the header/css information from loading on all pages if I’m only using this on my home page? Can I use a conditional if(is_front_page()) somewhere in the plugin file to make the css only load on my home page? Thank you — other than all that extra code, this is a good plugin.

  46. Hi,

    Great Plugin! However when I added the code “” to my template, the plugin only appeared to work in Firefox and Chrome, but not in versions of Safari or Internet Explorer.

    Is there a way to ensure the plugin works in all browsers?

    Thank you very much!

  47. Hi,

    Great Plugin! However when I added the code
    ” “ to my template, the plugin only appeared to work in Firefox and Chrome, but not in versions of Safari or Internet Explorer.

    Is there a way to ensure the plugin works in all browsers?
    Thank you very much!

  48. Hi!

    I installed your plugin but I am having some viewing errors.

    > The image do not go to the imageWrapper, instead it goes to the content section.

    Why is that? And when I put a caption, they all come out including the tag properties.

  49. Hi,

    I have installed your plugin in my wordpress site. But there is a problem in image transition. The transition is not smooth and the images tend to shake when it changes. Can you tell me how to fix that issue? Thank you.

  50. how to add photo in the bannerspace from where should i add it?

  51. Hi Dean, great plug-in! I do have a feature request though. I am in the midst of designing a “responsive” website using flexible images, a fluid layout and media queries. Because your plugin requires I give a hard-coded pixel width and height, when I shrink my browser width the slideshow doesn’t resize. I have tried overriding the css, but that isn’t working. You can see what I’m trying to do here: Any help would be appreciated

  52. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin, I was just wondering if there was a way to target a category of slides per page? For example if i create 5 slides and place them in the category “home”, I’d want these to only appear on the home page. Then I’d like to be able to add a couple mroe galleries, for example, another 5 slides with the category “about” and these only appear on the about page?

    Thanks in advance,

  53. Great plugin. I have one question-is there a way to have it pull in posts that already exist from a certain category? It seems what you reference above in your example of [bannerspace cat=5 ] would only apply to slides actually added through the bannerspace interface? Or am I reading that wrong?

    I ask as I tried using something along those lines:
    php echo do_shortcode(‘[bannerspace cat=559]’);
    but to no success.

  54. Hi,

    i got same problem with Dawn ( and it works now after i change a little your code inside function bannerspace_wp_headers() in banerspace.php

    here the code


  55. soewaiphyu says:

    I used your plugin. It is good and nicely view and auto sliding. But after off auto sliding, on auto sliding again. It seen non-active for auto play function. Please can you help me how can I get auto sliding view again? Thanks.

  56. Hi Dean,
    The transitions have stopped working on my site. I am using version 1.0.5 as when I update, it breaks my site apart. Any idea why?

  57. Hi Dean,
    Thanks! Bannerspace works really well and is very versatile.
    I have added the code to the template header.php (rather randomly, within the I’m afraid) so Bannerspace now runs the site header image.
    I want to ask you whether it is still possible in this case to create different Bannerspace slideshow headers for individual pages, and if so, how this may be achieved?

    Many Thanks,

  58. sorry, I added the code:

    rather randomly within the body tags.

  59. whhops! I should have realised that this input form strips my code examples out!

    Still, my primary question is what I’m still stuck on: Is it still possible to create or assign different Bannerspace slideshows to the headers of individual pages, and if so, what is a good way to do it?

    Help vey much appreciated, if its possible!

    • Hi Peter. You can do that using categories. See in the description above – Add multiple banners on your site…

      • Hi Dean,
        Thanks for your reply.
        I have already been able sucessfully to add multiple banners to pages, – what I was after was multiple bannerspace slideshows in the header. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to use javascript in header.php to do this but perhaps this is the wrong approach?

        (BTW I have have already modified header.php to stop bannerspace from appearing on one particular page)

        Grateful for clarifiation on this.

  60. Dean is there any way to change the order of slides? I am adding over 38 slides and they are showing in the show as i make the posts. I like to be able to arrange them in and certian order.


  61. Hi Dean,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Is it possible to have different bannerspace slideshows in the headers of different pages? so, one for the Home page, another for Location etc.? I was trying (unsuccessfully) to use javascript in header.php to do this but perhaps this is the wrong approach?
    (BTW I have have already modified header.php to stop bannerspace from appearing on one particular page)
    Grateful for clarifiation on this.

  62. Hi Dean,

    In the “banner slides”->add new ther is no “add featured image”. Some suggestion? I’m using WP 3.3.1


  63. Hello Dean,
    First of all thank you for that plugin, it’s a simple and nice one. I love it!
    I am just facing an issue with the dimensions : i have set the banner and content width to 770px, which is the dimension of my workspace and pictures.
    The left arrow is matched to the edge of my picture, but the right one is half on it, half on the background.
    I have checked on illustrator, and it seems my picture is cropped to 755px.
    Any idea? (sorry if someone already asked, I tried to find but there is a lot of posts… :p )
    Thanks! Quentin – [france]

    • Hi Quentin. If the image is too tall it will be resized. If you want it to fill the area perfectly then make the image the same width and height you have set in the Bannerspace settings.

      • Thanks for prompt reply mate!
        My picture do have the same dimensions as the one I specified in the Banner settings. It is just like if Banner was hiding 15px on the right side, or cropping it… Not sure.
        Could it be a bug with Chrome?

        • Not sure can you post a link?

          • I have set the arrows on white so you can easily see.

            Also, I just noticed that you are in Australia! If you have few minutes for me, maybe you could help (our businesses aren’t so far) : would you know any industrial design consultanciy in Brisbane?
            I am planning to come back to Australia to settle for good. That’s the reason why I am preparing a new website (just started…)


  64. Looks like a beautiful plugin thanks alot. So the images i want to show up in the slider are set as a feautured imaged in a post. the post’s are categorized and ONLY the short code is placed in the page in where i want the slider? No images are showing up but the slider box is.

  65. Dear Dean,

    IS there any way that I can show different banners with respect to different languages using this plugin, if there’s any option like this, kindly let me know.

    Or any dynamic widget kind of plugin or something like that.


  66. Please see the web .
    I already use here bannerspace plugin with short code. Still all is OK but Auto play on load option is not working. I want inform my image is not sliding but everything is ok.. please tell me the solving details…

  67. hi,

    i’m using this plugin to create a client slideshow of 3 images at
    the problem is that after the image #3, there’s a blank slide before it goes back to image #1.
    how to resolve this?

    thanks before :)

  68. Hi brother, how´re doing? Thanks a lot for this great plugin!!! Since the last update I´m facing an issue. I have a 1024 x 499px banner in two blogs, but as you can see on the second image, it´s displaying it narrower than it should. I have checked plugin options in the dashboard, reuploaded, they have all 1024px width. Could you help me, please?

    • Hi Fredy. If you want it to fit perfectly you need to upload the image at the width and height you have set in the options.

      You could also try setting 0 as the image height. Then it should resize to the image width only.

  69. Thanks a lot man, it worked.

  70. Hi, I’ve implemented the slideshow no problems, but I’d like to stop the images linking anywhere. They’re not set to link in the Worpress image setup dialog box, but they’re still linking to the original image on the server. How do I stop that?


  71. hi,

    I have it running perfectly, really love the plugin.
    It’s soo simple to work with.

    I just have one quick question, can i set the transitions to random?
    Or can i just select one transition?

    Thanks in advance,


  72. Hey,

    Thanks for the plugin! I installed the pluggin , and I can get the slide show up by putting in the short code [bannerspace]. However, when there are no images there in the banner.
    How do I attach the images for the slide show? So far I have created new posts in the special banner slides posts section, and then added a featured image that I want to be displayed as a image for the slide show. The image will show up in the content section.
    I then post the short code in the pages that I want the slide show to appear, but still it is just a bank slide show.

    What am I doing wrong??

    P.S am using the Twenty Eleven theme by WordPress

  73. Hi Dean,
    Great plugin, have it working wonders on a couple of sites.
    I have installed it recently on a site (attached) however the 3 posts I have created in the category are having some issues.
    All 3 posts appear to be “stacked” on one another
    The transition is only happening between black and the “stacked” slide

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, appreciate it.



  74. Hi Dean,
    Yes I have tried changing all these settings, with no luck.
    I tried 5 different effects, and turned “sync” on and off.
    No luck.
    Any ideas?

  75. Hello Dean,

    I simply love this plugin and have used it on some of my other WP sites. My latest addition does not seem to work however – the pictures show up but don’t scroll automatically I suspect it is theme related (using Weaver 2.2.8 for the first time), but I do not know how to begin to address that as I have no idea of coding or CSS. I have toggled as many options as I could think of between “slide effect”, “sync effects” and “auto play”. Do you have any suggestions for me please?

    Many thanks,


  76. Got it … as always, a plugin caused the gremlin. I disabled s3audible Amazon S3 Music Player and … bingo! Scrolling beautifully and transitions are as smooth as butter ….

    Thanks again for an excellent plugin Dean!


  77. HI Dean
    thx for this great plugin!!

    I can’t manage how to get the slider working properly, I’ve created 3 new post, each with a featured image, but just the first one is displayed and the slide is not working at all…

    here’s the link to the website the slide should be where you can see the green greebo banner on the side column.


  78. Hello Dean! :)
    Thanks for a great addon I’ve used once before, but now i seem to have an unknown issue I cant seem to beat…

    List of things:
    Ive created bannerslides,
    categorized them,
    used only featured image- but tried in post aswell (there wont be any text),
    Same width settings on all things,
    Show arrows and paging (none wich appears)

    Can you see some obvious errors?
    Cant logicly think of anything else…
    Hope for an answer, you’ll help me big time.. :)

  79. Link to the website in the name and here:
    Sorry I forgot! :)

  80. Ok, Im sorry for spamming your comments, but Ive done some more trying, and found out your script works well in the standard WP theme, but not in mine, do i need to refer to this script somewere in my css? or functions? :)

  81. anyone knows how to have only banner on the Home page but not other pages?

  82. Hello! congratulations for this wonderful plugin! on my site everything is working correctly except for the autoplay … I can give some indication? thank you very much

  83. Hello! congratulations for this wonderful plugin! on my site everything is working correctly except for the autoplay … Can you give me some indications? thank you very much

  84. Hi, I’m using your plugin at the moment but can’t seem to get it to work in internet explorer nor chrome. Any ideas as to why it wouldn’t show up?

  85. Hi,

    Great plugin, everything works fine. However, it seems to retrieve a smaller version of the featured image, rather than the full size – the image being shown is a 272×200 version, while the full version is easily twice that size.

    Looking at the plugin’s code, I don’t see anything setting the size of the image to be retrieved from the database…

    • Hi Pavel. Did you set the image width and height in the options page?

      • I did (at 999px both ways); but since this is part of a fluid layout I would like to be able to override those (specifically, to height: 40%). I can override a specific dimension using !important, but then it only stretches it out in that dimension, and I would like it to scale evenly.

  86. Oh, forgot to mention – I’m not sure what I did, but now it’s outputting the full sized version, though it still has the HTML-level size settings that stop me from scaling it nicely.

  87. First off, great plugin. works great and easy to use

    I was wondering if there is a way to have the background colour of the slides change.

    I tried using this plugin

    but the option doesn’t show up on the Bannerspace slides.

    thanks for any help.


  88. Dean, great looking plugin, just wish I could get it going properly. I am having some trouble getting the slideshow setup on our site. I installed the plugin, went to ‘Banner Slides’ , added new image within that menu. I tried using the shortcode [bannerspace] on my home page but it will not display the banner, only shows the text – [bannerspace] – where the banner should be… Am I way off here? Where exactly do I paste the “shortcode” because within the html of my home page did not get it done… Let me know what you think I might be doing incorrectly, I really wanna get this fixed pretty quickly. We are currently using a 3rd party banner admin and I really want to go with wordpress for it all if possible.

    Site is


  89. Hello, great thank you for easiest to use banner for wordpress. It was working perfectly but now all it does is show the first feature picture, no text or content, and doesn’t show the button either. Can you take a look at the my site and see what is wrong? Thanks!

  90. BerlinerPflanze says:

    I like your plugin. It is working fine on mozilla and Safari – but not on IE :( It is not the problem of the theme – cause on your site on ie 8 the arrows are not shown – the slide is not working… Maybe we have to put another function (jquery) in the function.php? Do you have a solution?

    • There is an issue with the images loaded plugin. Look for an update soon or set your Auto play on load? to On page load.

  91. Hi! It’s a very great plugin. I’d like to ask something though. I’d like to limit the number inputted in the custom fields’s textbox with no more than 20 character or words. Can we add attribute “maxlength” in there? How can we do it? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

  92. Hi there, will there every be a time where you can insert the banners in multiple posts on one page? Thanks in advance. Darren

  93. I love your banner. It is just what I was looking for. Perfect. I’m having trouble filling the entire banner with the picture. Any thoughts on how to make every picture fill the banner?

  94. Hi Dean

    Just downloaded and installed on, did everything, and as you can see just the wording of [bannerspace] appears.. nothing else.

    Also, one it is sorted and working, how and where do you include URL for each slide – im testing this plugin before it goes on my mainsite.

    Look forward in hearing from you


  95. Hi Dean,

    My banners appear fine on the homepage of my site, but they do not auto play. Users have to manually click through to scroll through the banners. I’ve selected the “Auto-Play” options several times without any luck. Help.


    Thanks in advance

  96. nvm, i found it! thank you! this plugin is by far the best.

  97. Lindsay lohan nudes, I actually meow.

  98. Hi there,

    I installed the Bannerspace plug-in and on the front page, I managed to get it to show. I just don’t know how to insert images in it. It’s currently a blank gray box. Help please?


  99. Hi, first of all, thank you very much for the fantastic plugin! Just wondering if there’s a way to have some of the links from a banner (but not all) open in a new window/tab? Thanks!

  100. I want to use the plugin to show rotating adds in my sidebar.
    I added the shortcode in a text/html box
    –> See banner right sidebar BOTTOM one!!!

    The feature image is rescaled and not square any more
    width is OK, but height = wrong

    My setting:
    Banner width / height 250 250 padding 0px
    content width 245 padding 2px
    image height 245 – 245
    No arrows, no paging

    Also: when adding a link, this is does not seem te work..
    No clickable image

  101. Hi,

    I ‘ m using Bannerspace and I want to use multiple banners on the same page.

    I tried with 2 category’s in the sidebar but the second slideshow get stuck.

    How do I solve this problem?


  102. Hi, I just installed Bannerspace (great plugin, thanks!). I can’t seem to find the options anywhere on the left. I can see the custom post type link but it’s like the options link is no where to be found. Can anyone help?


  103. geoffrey says:

    Okay, nevermind, I figured it out. The WP Better Security plugin was causing the Bannerspace options link to not show up. I just temporarily deactivated the Security plugin and set my options.

  104. I’m trying to override the default option using shortcodes but the only thing I can get to work is the category. Here’s the shortcode I’m using…am I missing somethig?

    [bannerspace category_name=bannerslide-careers autoplay=false timeout=4000, speed=500]

    Thanks for your help.

  105. Sorry, I meant to have autoplay set to true

    [bannerspace category_name=bannerslide-careers autoplay=true timeout=4000, speed=500]

  106. Hi Dean – Been playing with this Bannerspace, using it in the Weaver II theme.

    Checked “Hide title” in Weaver II options below the post, but keep seeing it just above the slide. I see using Firebug that it’s called “title.”

    Anyway, even though I checked “Hide title” the post title still shows. How do I get rid of it? Just want the image to display.


  107. Hi Dean,

    The plugin has stopped working since I upgraded to WordPress version 3.5.1. The slides are showing stacked on top of each other and so do not show as rotating banners. I have also tested in 2010 and 2011 themes which worked fine in preview but once activated they too were showing the banners as above. The paging buttons also do not show. The version of bannerspace I am using is 1.3.3.

    Any ideas?

  108. Here also problemes,
    It looks as if slides sre stacked, or as the stop at te 2nd slide

  109. My problem is still not solved!!
    The slides STOP at the second slide…
    WP version 3.5.1
    What to do??

  110. sync effects and scrollHorz made it work!

  111. Hi, I am having difficulty setting custom dimensions for a second banner, I have managed to sort them into 2 categories and show different ones on each page, the issue I am having is that I cant work out how to make the second banner run at a smaller size. Is there a way to do this or would I be better off getting a second plugin for the other banners.

    Thanks for making a fantastic plugin even if you cant help me, I realise I might be asking for a bit much.

  112. Thank you for sharing yoiur info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next
    post thank you once again.

    Stop by my weblog haarausfall eisenmangel nachwachsen (Tanisha)

  113. Hi,
    i’m having difficulty with the links from the banners. They used to work, but now just direct to the banners post page.
    When i look at the dropdown to set the link option, it isnt there.
    Is there something i’m missing or doing wrong?

  114. Peter Gibbons says:

    Even when I have ‘show arrows’ unchecked I get a http request for the arrows. Is there anyway other than hacking the plugin to get this to stop?


  115. Really love this function. Use this with everyone wordpress website I build. Just wondering, if there an option for to pause on hover? As i am using a video and it just keeps going through even though I want it to pause on hover? Thanks

  116. Re: Removing image from navigation bar. I’m a novice and need help.I’d like to remove the image (bg-banner-slides.png) from the navigation bar, because it’s too big, takes up too much space. How would I do this? Do I have to replace with another image.
    Thank you.

    • This isn’t part of my orginal plugin. But you need to find the image in the plugin folder and replace it. You will need an FTP program.

  117. Hi I am just wondering if there is a version for the banner to do stop start and play? Or a pause on hover?

    Please let me know.


  118. The slider has quit sliding on it’s own.

    Settings: slidex, synch effects, on page load
    Banner width 960, Height 319, Padding 5
    Content width 920, padding nothing, hide content unchecked
    Image width 350 Height 200
    Slide delay 6000ms, transition 1000
    Show arrows, show paging.


  119. Once you make it 100%, if there a way of limiting it to a size on the iPad?

  120. Hi, recently updated wordpress to 3.9.1 and now the Banner slide details have disappeared. Media pictures are still showing but no titles

    • Hi Andrew. I replied to your question on It looks like you have lost some custom styling. I would contact your web developer.

  121. Hi Dean,

    Nice plugin mate, it has some great features!

    I am having issues with getting the slideshow to automatically cycle. I am sure it is something simple but I cannot find the issue. is the site that is having the issue. The slide show is at the top in the header. Thanks

    • Hi Dean,

      I think I have fixed it. I didn’t realise I would have to copy the query.cycle.all.main.js file into my themes js folder.

      Oversight on my part lol.

      Great set up man. Well done

  122. oh that’s a bit strange then. I am planning on using this for another site in the very near future. Do you know what I may have done incorrectly, so that I can avoid any issues?

    I know its probably hard to answer but worth a shot.


  123. Hi Dean,
    great plugin, I’m just wondering if it is possible to change the colour of the titles of the banner slide pages? I’d like to have a blue background for instance and then white page title text so it stands out better.
    Also, can you offer any advice for layering text over images in the slide pages? If this is possible to do, is it then possible to not have the page title displayed on each slide?

    • Hi Dave. It might be best to just photoshop the text and hide all post titles, there is an option for that “Hide Content”.

  124. where is the demo? I followed a link to the page that said “demo” – I am yet to find the banner I want and am trying to see how it works

  125. very linke


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