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website design gold coast

Thrive Domain Scanner

A tool we use inhouse to quickly scan domains and find all the useful information we need!

Thrive’s domain scanner is a tool we use in-house to quickly scan domains and find all the useful information we need when dealing with our day to day website migrations, email issues, DNS changes and new site setups.

What does it do?

    • Enter any version of the URL
    • Gets only the important WHOIS information and generate links for reseller finder tools
    • Looks up MX records and checks if it’s Cloud-hosted, Server Hosted and Missing records
    • Checks for SPF records and A record inclusion
    • Shows DNS records
    • Shows A records including www
    • Checks for Cloudflare Proxy
  • Show root and www CNAMEs
  • Checks the reverse DNS matched the A root record

Download the Chrome extension, access this directly or In Chrome, if you open the link, then go to options ( top right – three stacked horizontal lines ) > More Tools > Create Shortcut ( select open in own window ) you can run this like an app in its own window.

We hope you find this useful. Please let us know if you have any feedback or requests!

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