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PHOTOSPACE is a powerful gallery for photographers or designers, featuring an easy to use jQuery gallery.

PHOTOSPACE is a powerful gallery theme for photographers or designers, featuring an easy to use jQuery gallery. Adding images to the gallery is a breeze, with great pagination and keyboard control.

The theme is very flexible and easy for developers to customise, coming in two colour variations. Turn on the category dropdown selector to manage hundreds of photos, as well as lots more options in the control panel.

The theme is Widget ready with three page templates, each with its own column to add widgets, and two footer selections.

This theme is no longer available. Please see some of our more recent work.


Updated to v2.4

  • Fixed dropdown menu for IE
  • Minor layout update for white version and IE fixes


  • Added captions
  • Updated license


  • Fixed gallery bug
  • Re-included PSD files and fonts.


  • Better support for other plugins including the Photospace plugin
  • Added a full plage slide show template to use with photospace

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  1. campuscodi

    Just what I was looking for.
    But I’ll need to make myself a white-gray style.

  2. Hendrik

    hi dean,

    thanks for your wonderful wp theme. its really awesome.
    unfortunately i have a little problem with them and i cant find whats the failure.
    i installed the theme and i followed every step from your install guide.

    everything is fine, but the gallery doesnt work.
    i cant see any picture.

    when i post the picture under the category blog, than i can see the picture.

    can you tell me whats the reason for that?
    maybe my settings in the theme options are wrong?
    i dont know… :-(

    the link to my page:

    thanks for your help

    • Dean

      Hi Hendrik

      Glad you like it! It doesn’t look like you have added any portfolio posts. On the settings page you must have your category ID’s set incorrectly. Email me your login details and I will take a look.

  3. Oliver Sumpton

    Does this theme support image captions, same as your new Photospace plugin.

    *I know I should just take the time to install and find out. Apologies for the silly comment.

    • Dean

      Hi Oliver

      Sorry not at this stage but I will add it in the next version.

  4. owen

    great looking theme. Installed and followed directions, but cant get more than 1 image to appear in the gallery and portfolio sub-categories are not showing. I get a drop down that says “no categories”
    any ideas?

    • Dean

      Hi Owen

      Can you email me login details and I’ll take a look :)

      • owen

        that would be great, where should i email to? the contact email for this site?

        • Dean

          Yes or :)

          • sosa

            hi dean.

            as mentioned in numerous comments, this is a beautiful theme, and, after searching for a long time, i’m so glad i found you. owen commented, “cant get more than 1 image to appear in the gallery and portfolio sub-categories are not showing. I get a drop down that says “no categories.” you replied that you would take a look at his page, and, as that’s also happening to me, i wonder if you could publish the result. also, all the gallery image thumbs [extra large thumbs] are appearing in columns below.

            as i read the comments, it seems like maybe there’s supposed to be only one image in each post for them to appear in the gallery [in order to be able to grab the link url in the image upload screen]…is this the case?

            thanks again for a lovely and elegant gallery theme.

            • Dean

              Hi Sosa

              Nice custom design! Can you email me your login details and I’ll a have a look.

            • Dean

              You don’t need to insert gallery into the page or create any sub pages. The drop down is created by the categories. Add some more images and see how it goes. Also the hover change needs to be taken out as it doesn’t work well.

              • sosa

                thanks a lot for being available! i’m confused…i uploaded over 50 images, do i need to create a new post for each one? what if i want them all in the same portfolio?

                thanks again!

                • Dean

                  Yes a new post for each one if you are using the main gallery in the theme.

                • Dean

                  Looks like I missed a clear div. In category.php in the theme line 33 add

                  {code type=html}


                  • sosa

                    thanks dean! i so appreciate your quick responses — NO ONE else does that!

                    last thing; is there a way to have multi-line captions? i looked in the source code and there’s a div below the image-caption with class “image-desc”; i tried putting a description in the image details, but it’s not appearing there — where is that pulling from?

                    • Dean

                      That is from the main content box.

                  • sosa

                    hi dean,

                    still love your theme! :-)
                    just wondering if you can have 2 separated galleries with this theme — i want a separate gallery for specific clients that is private or password protected. i tried to add a private page with the gallery template, but i’m only seeing the same gallery that is in use for the whole site.

                    if it doesn’t allow 2 galleries at once, would i be able to use the photospace plugin with the photospace theme?

                    thanks a lot!

                    • Dean

                      Hi Sasa

                      Yes you should be able to use the Photospace plugin with the theme. I have in use here

                      You can password protect a page or a post. You can have the gallery multiple times using multiple poses.

                      Hope that helps.

                    • sosa

                      thanks dean! appreciate your help.

  5. Iván


    I’ve just installed this theme and at the begining it worked fine, but then i realized that you used fancy box plugin in your blog seccion. That is pretty cool, so i tried it.

    But after fancy box installation, the gallery has broken and i have no idea to fix it. Then, I delete the plugin, but the gallery is still broken. Any suggestion?

    Here is my broken :_( home page:

    Thanks in advance!

    • Iván

      Oh, i’ve just fixed it installing the photospace plugin. I dont know if it’s the proper solution, but it works!

      • Dean

        Hi Iván

        Good to hear! I need to update the theme. I think it has to do with the way jQuery is included and it’s using and older version. Check back in a few weeks!

        • Iván

          Yeap, i fixed that, but now i’ve got another problem.

          Fancy box is working on the thumbnails of home page. When you click on one of them, a black window pops up. Seems like fancybox and photospace are mixed.

          I would like my site looks like your demo page: the home page with your photospace gallery and blog post with fancybox gallery. Is there any way for me to get it? How could i do it?


          • Dean

            Have you tried using photospace in the blog? I’m not sure fancy box will work until I make the update, sorry.

            • Iván

              ok, i’ll try that! ;)

              • Dean

                There is a new version up now!

                • Iván

                  ok, i’ll check it out! Thanks!

  6. Thomas

    I have a problem adding subcategories when i checked the box for porfolio dropdown ? I tried to do everything after installsheme photospace documentation.. nothing happens :)
    and im new to wordpress

    // Best regards Thomas

  7. Birdie

    Is there anyway to have the image title displayed on the home page? Also is it possible to add a lightbox overlay with either caption or post text?

    • Dean

      Hi Birdie

      Sorry not yet. I will add it in the next version!

  8. Apple lucky

    is the demo link working ?
    could you please show me the demo of this beautiful theme :) ?


    • Dean

      Sorry it should be working again now!

  9. Amie

    HI have followed all you instructions, my gallery is working but when I click on an image I get a big rectangle with the word ‘null’ on it.
    Can you help??


    • Dean

      Hi Amie

      If you can send me a link I will take a look!

  10. maxfinis

    Dean, what a stunningly beautiful theme. Thank you for sharing. I read above that you mentioned that photo captioning is coming in your next version. Any idea when that would be?

    • Dean

      Thanks Maxfinis. I will try to do it this week :)

  11. maxfinis

    Thank you! Although I really hate to clutter up such a clean layout, captioning would be a functional need.

    • Dean

      There is a new version with captions :)

      • maxfinis

        Very impressive. Even the captions are beautiful. I like how the color, font, and position are elegant and unobtrusive. Thank you so much for adding that.

  12. bishop

    Hi Dean! beautiful theme! I really like!
    I write you because I have a problem when I want to create subcategories for my blog in localhost;
    I create a sub-category which has as its parent’s portfolio, in the menu “dropdown selector” I see, so far so good;
    when I create a post, I do the same as those for the portfolio category:
    new post, add image in post and add a custom field with the name gallery and the image URL.
    change category and subcategory with portfolio ….

    when I see the portfolio page, the new post image is in the portfolio category no in sub-categpry; If I try to enter in subcategory i see a withe page with nothing..

    help me to solve this problem please

    • Dean

      I’m not sure what you mean I would have to see the site.

  13. bishop

    Hi Dean!
    isn’t online, is in problem is in sub-category, when add the post in subcategory (portfolio’s parent), he is not in the subcategory which I had published but it appears in the portfolio category

    • Dean

      It’s not in both? Does the category drop down get created?

      • bishop

        the portfolio dropdown selector is ok, sub-category Appears, But The image is only in the portfolio category, and if I click on the subcategory, takes me to a blank page

        • Dean

          Hmm not sure. I would need to login and have a look.

          • bishop

            ok, the blog will be online soon I’ll give you login

  14. Jesica

    Hi Dean,

    I really love this theme. I think it has everything I need but I am running into an issue.

    I posted a slideshow/gallery to the portfolio. I have all of my sub categories already set up so I clicked on a sub category for the post as well as portfolio. The post works when I click on “view post” after but there is no way to find it from the page because I have no subcategories listed under my portfolio drop down.

    I followed the instructions step by step (thank you for that) but I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    • Jesica

      I am also having trouble locating how to change the logo and how to make the slideshow wider. I would like the slideshow for each category to fill the screen like yours does above with the thumbnails on the bottom preferably as I have seen in samples.

      I’d be forever indebted to you if you could help me out in any way with these things.

      Thanks again!

      • Dean

        Hi Jesica. Please send me a login and I will get it started for you.

        • Jesica

          Thank you so much. I will email that to you right now.

  15. fred

    Good morning,

    I followed installation instructions. Under Portfolio dropdown I get broken picture link icons. Source looks like:

    Thank you!

  16. fred

    Sorry about my last post. Let’s see if this works to post code:

  17. guillaume

    Hi dean!
    really good work ! i use your gallery since two weeks and it really work great, but i still have a “mystery question” that i don’t understand.
    mmmmmh, little difficult to describe, i don’t understand how category.php & page-gallery.php works.

    i changed the name of page-gallery.php many times to make different version, not in the same folder, and now, my only version who is working is a “page-dddgallery.php”, if i change it to page-gallery or something else i got nothing.

    it was not a big issue, in local, but now on a server, my gallery takes category.php (main gall template) and not respond to my “page-dddgallery.php” ?

    do you have any solution, sorry, weird question i have.
    thank you.

    • Dean

      Hmm sounds strange can you send me a link?

      • guillaume

        thanks for the quick reply! , i’ll send you a link, but for instant, i make my structure with category.php, it works.

  18. Barry McCarthy

    Hi Dean,

    I’ve installed the plugin, but all I get is the preloader. The images have been optimised for the web, so that shouldn’t be the issue.


    • Dean

      Hi Barry. Please send me a link.

      • Barry McCarthy

        Hi Dean,

        What can I say? The new version works perfectly. Thank you! I just have to give it a few tweaks to look great.

        Kind regards,


  19. Sam

    Is there anyway to change the picture thumbnails to just plain text links?



    • Dean

      Nothing built into the plugin sorry.

  20. Blake Campbell

    Dean, you rock! I do have a problem though. It’s the same as Fred’s problem.
    I can see broken thumbnails off to the right and the little loading wheel is spinning.
    I did resize the images in Lightroom before I uploaded them, but i didn’t think that would be a problem. You said “The theme will do the resizing.” Could that be where the hangup is?
    I’ll email you my login info.

    • Blake Campbell

      I may have gotten it to work by uploading a bigger file (the origional 5mb file). I’ll update you as soon as I make sure it all works.

      • Blake Campbell

        The thumbs are now showing, but the main image is struggling.
        Want to take a look for me?

    • Dean

      Thanks :) See my reply to Pompom

      • Blake Campbell


  21. Marina Balan

    Hi Dean!
    How could I add my own item to admin menu in header?

    • Dean

      Add a new page? Or link to another site?

  22. Marina Balan

    I mean item with other link.

  23. Pompom Sönnfors

    As the theme includes the text from the pages under the images, is it possible to also include plugins like (or rather specifically) the Audio Player ?

    This is the direct link to the picture’s page (the picture not showing for good reasons, but the player is):

    This is the page within the frameset, It’s the very first one as the text below shows:

    Scripting seems to be blocked. Reading the source, I can see that the script remains in the code. Is there a way to activate it?

    Regards again,


    • Dean

      Hi Pompom

      You may be able to get the audio player working but you would need to edit the code.

      I’m not doing any more work on this version of the theme so I can’t help you much sorry.


      • Pompom Sönnfors

        No worries. The work you are putting into this is impressive enough as it is. I am looking forward to the next version.

  24. Glen Taylor

    Hey Dean, I love the theme and everything works fine except for one thing….

    Posts I make in the Blog category also end up in the Main Gallery of the Home page. I want the Portfolio and Blog posts to be separate. Is that possible? Item #1 below is filed under the blog category but you see it ends up on the Home Page….


    • Dean

      Hi Glen

      Are you sure you have your category ID’s set right? It should be just a number. Otherwise email me your login and I will take a quick look.

  25. Jenny

    Hi there,

    What version of wordpress is this compatible with? Thanks!

    • Dean

      2.7 and newer

  26. Milan Kuchta

    Hi Dean.
    I started using your superb theme but I have a problem.
    Pictures can´t show up – only icon of broken image.
    Could this be by a permissions?I set it to 775.
    Can you help me?Thank you very much

    • Dean

      Hi Milan

      Are you sure you posted a link to the image file?

      • Milan Kuchta

        Yeah I do that according your manual (Click on copy URL below image select) then insert to post (I can see photo in editation field) and then put to custom field – gallery.
        Can you look on int I will send you username and login
        Thanks in advance

        • Dean

          It’s case sensitive so Gallery wont work. Use gallery

          • Milan Kuchta

            ooh such small mistake:) thank you.
            I want use my image as logo.png to show on top of web but there is also broken icon only displayed. It´s 70px high and I tried transparent and white background but nothing.Can you help? thank you very much

            • Milan Kuchta

              My fault (ther is separate folder for black color theme)
              Is there possibility ty show more then three columns in gallery?

  27. sara

    after i downloaded the file and tried to upload it to the themes installer, it tells me that the install failed bc it is missing the style.css sheet. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Dean

      Hi Sara. Maybe try to upload the theme via FTP.

  28. Axel-Ange

    Hi dean !
    Yes i know, I come a long time after them, but your template is exactly what I need. I got problems, it doesn’t work, got no gallery, but im sure, had follow your explications step by step.

    If you have time, could you just have a look ? Thanks.

    ¨PS: Sorry for my english, i’m french.

    • Dean

      Can you post a link?

  29. house cleaning denver

    At this time it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform available right now.

    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  30. Anup

    hi Dean,

    loved your plugin.
    Now, i just wanna know, if i can change the position of “caption and description” to right of the image instead of showing under the image?
    could you help me on this?

    thanks! :)

  31. mimelaine

    Hi Dean,
    great plugin, just a question.
    I put the custom field name “link” and the value with the complete URL… but link doesn’t work… help please!

    • Dean

      Are you talking about Bannerspace?

  32. Jack

    Good day! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  33. jeu concours

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    thus where can i do it please assist.

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  36. Steve Barker


    The photospace gallery has been live for over a year now BUT I still cannot work out why only one row of thumbnails is showing below the large image. I want to show dozens of images and I expected to see several rows of thumbnails.

    Any ideas?


    • Dean

      Hi Steve. Did you set this up? You have a custom layout and you need to adjust the layout with CSS. See the .thumbs_wrap2 div. You could try to add this to your theme css.

      . thumbs_wrap2{
        height: 150px !important;
        bottom: -150px !important;

      • Steve Barker

        Thanks for that Dean.

        I now see 2 rows but as you can see, the formatting and thumbnail sizes are a bit screwy. How can I fix these issues?


        • Dean

          Have you tried to rebuild your thumbnails?

  37. james

    Good work Keep it up.

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