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Photospace Responsive

A simplified version of PHOTOSPACE featuring a responsive-only layout.

Photospace Responsive

Based on the Galleriffic gallery, our PHOTOSPACE plugin takes advantage of the built-in gallery features of WordPress.

Simply use the WordPress admin to create a gallery and insert it onto your page. You may need to rebuild your images using a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails.



  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Easily order images via drag and drop
  • Add a title, caption, and description
  • Keyboard control
  • Pagination
  • Edit thumbnail number, size and shape
  • Edit size of the main image
  • Edit width of the gallery columns
  • Create a basic slide show
  • Slideshow controls option available
  • Supports multiple galleries on a page or post
  • Supports WordPress multi-site
  • Supports shortcode attributes
  • Settings located in Settings > Photospace


Loading GIFs

Create your own colour coded loading gifs at or


Using Template Tags

  • If you want to hard code this gallery into a page template you can use the below code to do so.

echo do_shortcode('[gallery]');


Conditionally remove header scripts and styles from a page

  • If you want to use conditional tags to remove any of the plugin styles from a specific page, use the below snippet just before the wp_head() on your chosen page template. Thanks Dario Zadro!

if (is_page('about')){
remove_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'photoswipe_scripts_method');
remove_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'photoswipe_scripts_method_history');
remove_action('wp_head', 'photoswipe_wp_headers'); }


Shortcode attributes

You can set the following attributes you control your gallery shortcode:

  • id – Set the post to read the attached images from such as id=”2″
  • include – Only includes a new list, comma separated attachment IDs such as include=”24,30,43″
  • exclude – Comma separated attachment IDs such as exclude=”24,30,43″
  • num_thumb – Set the number of thumbnails on each page such as num_thumb=”6″
  • num_preload – Set the number of images to be preloaded such as num_preload=”1″
  • show_captions – Choose to show image captions or not (true or false)
  • show_controls – Choose to show slideshow controls (true or false)
  • hide_thumbs – Choose to hide thumbnail gallery (true or false)
  • horizontal_thumb – Optionally show the thumbnail gallery horizontally (true or false)
  • auto_play – Start slideshow automatically (true or false)
  • delay – Define delay between each slide (if autoplay=”true”) in milliseconds such as delay=”2000″


Alternate vertical thumbnail column in wide view

Add the below code to your theme’s CSS file

.photospace_res .gal_content {
float: left;
width: 75%;
.photospace_res .thumbs_wrap2 {
float: left;
width: 25%;
@media screen and (max-width: 750px) {
.photospace_res .gal_content {
float: none;
width: 100%;
.photospace_res .thumbs_wrap2 {
float: none;
width: 100%;


Help! The gallery doesn’t work!

This is usually caused by a Javascript conflict. The easiest way to track down the problem is to remove or disable other scripts. Try the following:

  • Disable other plugins. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
  • Switch to the most recent WordPress base theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.
  • Use a browser debugger to find the error (Chrome is the best). This may help you track down the conflict.
  • ADVANCED! If it’s a theme issue you may have some scripts embedded in your theme that are causing a conflict. To disable these look inside the header.php, footer.php or functions.php files.


Wanna try it? View the demo or download.


Written by Samantha

Samantha is our resident web designer and front-end developer wizard. She is knowledgable in all things digital design and loves to bring new and fresh ideas to our company.

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Tatsuquito says:

This is a great plugin. Thanks! The vertical image is extended to the width of the theme I use. That would be better if the width is set to “auto”.

.photospace_res .slideshow img {
width: auto;
height: auto;

Dean says:

Thanks for the feedback. This is in the new version!

Hi Dean,
Is there a way to also use the standard WP gallery in a site that uses this plugin? Is it possible to override photospace responsive for select galleries?

Steve says:

It isn’t responding and resizing in my browser or mobile phone. Is it responsive.

Dean says:

Hi Steve. Can you post a link to the site please.

Helen says:

The demo on this page also doesn’t respond to the resizing page. Doesn’t it supposed to work?

Helen says:

Thanks for the link, that works beautifully!
Great job :)))

Oksana says:

Hi guys!

Looks like a great plugin! However, I was trying to use it, and I don’t see the nice thumbnails on top of the large image, as it’s in the demo. What can be possibly wrong?

Thank yoU!

Dean says:

Can you post a link?

Oksana says:

Thanks, Dean for response.

Here’s the link:

K says:

Hey Oksana,

I had the same problem until I rebuilt my thumbnails with

Not sure if that is your problem but you could give it a try.

Cool plug in Dean!


John says:

Is possible to add the lightbox function?

Dean says:

No, I don’t think this easily done sorry.

Iain says:

Hi, the images are being insterted as 600px no matter what max-width is specified in the options – is there a way to get images over 600px wide?

abid says:

great plugin… i really need this… thanks dean… keep it up.

Dean says:

Thanks :D

abid says:

can you please tell us that how to set thumbs at bottom of slider…
thanks in advancd

Dean says:

I don’t think that is a good idea as they would move depending on the image height.

abid says:

actually i have a requirement that thumbs should be at bottom of slider… thats why i am asking… if there is any option, or if we can set from code then tell me please…

Dean says:

No option sorry.

abid says:

i have done… from your plugin file… “photospace-responsive.php”
and i drag the thumbs code and move it after slider code…now its working… :)

Clare says:

Hi, could you tell me what part of the code, as in where did you start to where did you finish copying, to make the thumbnails appear at the bottom please? I don’t want to end up messing the coding too much! Thanks.

Dean says:

Hi Clare. I’ll try to make this an option soon. It might be a bit tricky but you need to move the div’s


Clare says:

Hi Dean, that would be fantastic if you can. I love the gallery, I’ve spent ages trying to find one, and this fits the bill!

Also, is it possible to change the way the next page and previous page looks, as it just comes up with white boxes, and I’d like to have arrows if possible, or is it suppose to be arrows and it’s just not appearing for me properly?

Dean says:

Yes it should have arrows, can you post a link? What browser are you using?

Clare says:

I’m using Chrome, but I’ve also checked it in Firefox. Go to

The website isn’t live yet, so enter photography in the box to be able to view it

Dean says:

Very strange. Could you try the 2014 theme and see if you have the same issue?

Clare says:

I will do. I know the theme I’m currently using sometimes has problems with plugins, so will try the new theme and get back to you when I’ve given it a go. Thanks Dean!

Tama says:

Hi. Thank you for your awesome plugin! I´ve tried to change div´s order, but didn´t work. Im not a code expert. What exactly do I have to select and move under?
I really apreciate your help.

Dean says:

Hi Tama. You need to move the starting div and everything until its closing div.

Tama says:

Thanks Dean, but I did that…and didn´t work. :( I guess I´m not doing as well as it shoud be. Sorry, but is it any problem if you send the code to my email?

Dean says:

You may need a developer to help with this, sorry. I still have it on my list to add it as an option.

Tama says:

ok, thank you!!

dave says:

Hi Dean,
Could you look at my web link on mobile/iphone? It seems the slider’s left side is cut off on the left.

Dean says:

Looks OK to me. Did you fix it?

Jason says:

Hi, this looks like an awesome plugin, but it does not work with Roots theme ( – would you have any idea why? You can use the following link as an example:

I have tried the 2012 theme and it appears to work fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: have also posted in the plugins support .forum

john says:

hi dave, tell me please how to upload multiple galleries…

Dean says:

You need to do it via multiple posts. One gallery per post.

Rafael says:

How multiple post works with this plugin?

Tim says:

Hi Dean,

Beautiful plugin. Is there a way to incorporate the ‘crossfade’ thats incorporated in ‘photospace2’ into ‘photospace responsive?

Dean says:

No sorry. It doesn’t work responsive that way.

Laura says:

Is there a way to enable swiping between photos on mobile?

Herman says:

Is the next/previous image not available in photospace responsive?

Dean says:

Yes they are. They should appear when you have enough images to require them.

herman says:

Maybe my question was a little short.
I only get a next set / previous set of images (which I set to 10). I mean a next image (>) or previous image (” ?

Dean says:

Hi Herman. No it’s not sorry. I may add this down that track.

Thom says:

Once Photospace plug-in installed still no option to set the template to gallery.

Dean says:

You insert the standard WordPress galley.

Paul says:

Hey Dean, just wanted to say thanks for the plugin! This is an awesome iteration of a classic.

Laura says:

Hi I am working on revising my website and the Photospace Responsive plug-in is a perfect solution for displaying some of my portfolio items! Thank you for your work on this. I am seeing a very odd behavior on IE (not on any other browser) — on IE if you hover over the first thumbnail of the second row (little dog in circle) – it disappears and shifts the row. When the next slide advances, it comes back – but on hover it goes away. I have no idea how to fix this…If you have any suggestions it would be appreciated. You can see using IE at this link: thank you in advance for any suggestions. thx, Laura

laura says:

Seems to be resolved by unchecking the option for “Try to clear current theme image css / formatting”. Odd…but happy it is working!

Sin says:

Hey, a great plugin. Thanks!
i try to put a hyperlink into caption (to open image with fancybox) Is it possible to do it ?
ps: simple link works fine with external target but not to showin image popup , i tried ( responsive lightbox plugin with prettyphoto, swipebox,fancybox and nivo lighbox script)
any solution to disable photospace script when i click on link image into caption / description section to enable fancybox script ?

lukasz says:

Join to the quastion! :)

Ps Thanks a lot for plugin, it’s grate!

Niranjan says:

plugin is not working for me, below is the post link, could you please check and advise what’s the problem.

Dean says:

I Have seen this issues before. It’s a problem with the theme. Can you contact the theme developer?

Driano Chesque says:

Hello, I want to add images in the slideshow transition, is possible?
Similar advertising images on this website:

Hey Dean,

I just started using your plug-in for a few galleries I have. I changed the option for the maximum width and height for the images in the admin panel, but they are still showing up with the default values. How do I rebuild the gallery without deleting the images and re-uploading them?


Dean says:

On the settings page there are links to the plugins you need.

Markie says:

Can this be used on PAGES too? Or will it only work on POSTS?

I got it to work on one of my POSTS, but I can’t get it to work on a PAGE.

I am NOT trying to use it in a template for a page. I am trying to use it in the content area of a page (how you would normally insert a regular wordpress gallery into the content area of a page). But, no dice.

NOTE; I am using WP 3.8.1, with Genesis Framework, using the Agency 2 Child theme.

Thanks in advance.

Dean says:

Yes it can. It may be an issue with your theme.

Sue says:

I have this running well in WP 2013 theme pages, but the Next and Previous images for don’t download, so it’s 2 blank squares. At first I thought the Next was for the next image in the thumbnails, but now I see it goes to the next set of thumbnails, so the buttons are working correctly.

I can see the link in the css file to arrow-right.svg, but it says it can’t download the file.

Overall, a very nice plug-in and it has been easy to set up. I hope you can help with the image download.


Sue says:

I got some help solving the problem, adding the following code to my child css:

.photospace_res .thumnail_row {
background-image: url(‘’);

.photospace_res .thumnail_row a.prev {
background-image: url(‘’);

the gsv files wouldn’t download, but the png ones do.

Hope this helps, if anyone else has the same problem.


Dean says:

Glad you got it working. This should only be an issue with IE8 or older.

Sue says:

I should have stated that I was having the problem with Firefox 28.0.

Dean says:

It’s working for me in Firefox 28.

max says:

Hi, I would like to put the thumb on the bottom of the image.
I read the Dean comment but in the
photospace-responsive.php i dont found the
There are any think I can do for that?
Than you

Dean says:

I’ll add this as an option next week ;)

max says:

Thank you Dean…apreciate

max says:

Hi Dean,
have you added the option for put the miniature below the immage?


Dean says:

Sorry not yet. It’s more tricky than I thought as the paging arrows need to move. I’ll be making a few different layout options soon.

max says:

Thanks a lot…
Let me know when you have done it.

Thank you again

max says:

Hi Dean,
how are you?
Have you got any news? :)

max says:

the line i don t found it s this

max says:

Why I can t add the line
div class=”thumbs_wrap2

Great Plugin, of course.
But when it is in use with Auto Thickbox ( it is open up the thumbnails of the gallery in an auto thickbox first and then it opens up the same site in a small window.

Possiblities to manage this without having this error?
Greetings Christian

Fixed it, here it is:


Dean says:

Good work. Can you please post a link to a working demo?

Here with text
and here a gallery only

IMO it is possible to set up a thickbox for pictures only in this plugin, too.
Then we could a resposive thickbox for booth of them

Dean says:

Thanks, I thought you might have got thickbox working with this gallery. I’m yet to see it done.

max says:

Hi Dean,
have you got any news for put the miniature below tha picture??

Thank you

Mark Zip says:

I have gone into the plugin css and centered the caption and made it black (for better contrast).
But I should like to make the background white and not grey.
Perhaps this is in WP css and not Photospace.

Thanks for your efforts.

mark zip says:

Fixed it by checking the “try to clear css” box in plugin settings.

Stephani says:

Hi Dean, I’m having a problem with my slideshow images looking slightly blurry can you tell me the best upload settings? Should I resize before uploading?

Hi Dean, thanks for creating such a great free plugin. I think it is the best one after trying more than 20 different plugins. I have a little question, is it possible to add navigation controls to it? (Like ‘Next’, ‘Prev’). Many thanks! :)

Dean says:

Hi Mohamed. Not as yet, I’ve tried to keep the controls minimal as there isn’t much room in the responsive mobile view. I may add this as an option in future version.

Elly says:

Hi :) I love this plugin so much! I’ve noticed that two of my main images showing on my page aren’t quite the full width, but others are?

I’ve tried regenerating thumbnails and haven’t changed the thumbnail dimensions at all so I’m not sure what’s causing this :( please help? Thank you!

Dean says:

Looks good :) Did you get it working?

Tim says:


I would like to use Photospace Responsive with Woocommerce, but I am a bit stumped how to get it properly hooked up. Can you help?

Dean says:

Hi Tim. I’m not sure how well this would work in this situation. This plugin output the gallery from the content area. I normally use Advanced Custom Fields to integrate a custom gallery in shopping carts.

micha says:

The code above to remove the function from a single page or so, is not complete. This is my solution

if (function_exists(‘photospace_responsive_scripts_method’) &&
function_exists(‘photospace_res_scripts_method_history’) &&
function_exists(‘photospace_responsive_wp_headers’) ) {

remove_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘photospace_responsive_scripts_method’);
remove_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘photospace_res_scripts_method_history’);
remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘photospace_responsive_wp_headers’);
add_shortcode( ‘gallery’, ‘gallery_shortcode’ );


Paul says:

Hi Dean.

Did you have any luck yet making an option for thumbnails to go underneath?

Great plugin!


Chad says:

Hi Dean, thank you for creating this great plugin. How can I get the images to load in fancybox like on the previous version?

Dean says:

I haven’t made a version with this. Fancybox doesn’t work so great on mobiles so I didn’t bother. Maybe checkout photoswipe!

Hi Dean,
Great plugin, simple and easy to manage.
Just what i looking for.
Thans for develop it! :)

Vanja says:

Hi, can you please let me know why the main project image isn’t resizing fully on mobile? It keeps spilling off the page.

Also, how do I make the main image centered? Example url:

Thank you for your help.

Dean says:

Hi Vanja.

You just need to increase the size of you max image size in the settings. Then rebuild your thumbs.

See this comment:
It seems to be a common problem. I will try to fix this in the next version.

Vanja says:

Hey thanks for the reply.

I did what you said – increased max size of images in the plugin and regenerated the thumbs – but still I have the same problem where the main image isn’t resizing to mobile/device screens….

Centering the image also isn’t working – I have the ‘clear image options’ on and I put this code (below) in the style.css in the theme and the gallery.css in the plugin and the main image still won’t center…

.photospace_res .slideshow img {
float: none !important;


Any other ideas? Sorry to be a pain, your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Dean says:

OK looks like you have a different issue. Please add this:

.photospace_res .slideshow img {

Vanja says:


Danielle says:


When we installed the plugin the arrows in the boxes don’t show up. Do you have any idea why? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and it still doesn’t show up.

Here’s a direct link:

Also, is it possible to align the caption to the left instead of the right?

Dean says:

Hi Danielle

That is a weird one! It looks like your server isn’t displaying SVG images correctly.
I would contact your web host. Or you could try to edit your .htaccess

Tim Houghton says:

Hi Dean,

I used your plugin on an old job last year (you might remember, I came up with a really ugly preg_match statement to make the output of the shortcode match the output of a gallery inserted into a post – )

I just today discovered your responsive gallery (awesome!). However I discovered a strange bug where it displays the first photo’s description twice. It only does this on page load, if you click the 2nd photo then click the 1st photo again the 2nd description vanishes.

Examples here:

Any ideas? :-)




Dean says:

Hi Tim. Does it happen with other themes?

Tim Houghton says:

Hi Dean I just tested it with the parent theme (Armada, by Dream Themes) and it still does it. It doesn’t do it with Twenty Fifteen though!

Any thoughts as to why it only does it on first load?

PS Your website jumps up and down constantly while I type in this text box :-)

Tim Houghton says:

FWIW, Dream Themes say it must be a plugin bug :)

I have removed the description and put in a caption instead. It still displays the same text twice on first load.

Tim Houghton says:

Oh there is also someone else with the same problem ( I guess it is possible she is using the same theme as me, but it seems unlikely :)

Dean says:

See my response on

Tim Houghton says:

Argh again. Some spammer already had the dean account :(

Can you try deantest / dean123

Kate says:

Thanks, Dean, for a nice plug-in. My favorite gallery so far because it looks clean. I can’t center my captions below the image, however. I’ve opened the CSS file and changed the alignment to center, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. i ticked the box “try to clear theme css” too. Not sure I edited the code correctly … so then I changed the ‘padding right 0″ to 20 or so, so at least it isn’t jammed all the way right, and that didn’t work, either. This is what it now shows … and I’d prefer it just be fully centered. Thank you!

.photospace_res span.image-caption {
display: block;
position: center;
.photospace_res .caption {
color: #000000;
text-align: center;
padding-right: 20;

Dean says:

Can you post a link to the issue? Thanks.

Kate says:

Thanks but I figured it out a few days later and forgot to report back. Darn if I can reply what I changed, but I finally “got it” and it’s now centered and bold. Much thanks.

san diego hills says:

Hi :) I love this plugin so much!

BC says:

What would it take to make the gallery plugin display the gallery like it does on this website?

Dean says:

Sorry it looks like that site is down.

BC says:

It’s up and running from what I can see. Basically, just looking for code or CSS and how to put the thumbnails underneath the main image like they did on that website.

Dean says:

OK I can see it now. It’s been customised a little. I would need to make this an option ( I will do with the next major update ) or else you need to edit the plugin code, see

Philipp says:

Hi there!
This plugin looks like just what I need, there’s only one problem:
The thumbnails won’t align horizontally like by default shown in all the demos, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them. I just want it to look like in the demo above, but instead it looks like this:

This is the gallery insert shortcode in my WP-post:
[gallery horizontal_thumb=1 num_thumb=9 ids="117,118,119,120,121,122"]

It again is placed inside a div floating left with 615px width inside the post.

I tried all kinds of adaptations with the “.photospace .thumbs_wrap2” and “.photospace .thumbs_wrap” CSS-commands, but nothing that changed the alignment. I also set the “horizontal_thumb” to 0 or kicked it out entirely, no changes. Do you have any idea what could cause the problem? Thanks in advance, Philipp!

Dean says:

Hi Phillip. Looks like you got it working?

Philipp says:

Yes, I found the mistake. The “.thumb” class of the style.css of the theme I use (widely) was set to a certain with, which was overwriting the thumb-class of the Photospace-CSS. Thanks for replying anyway!

Amy says:

does yoyr pmugin work with any ‘pinterest’ pinning ability? we have installed a few and the main poto still does not show the pin. since pinterest is so huge this is an important feature we’d like to use for our clients.. any help is appreciated

Dean says:

Hi Amy. Yes is should be in the share dropdown?

Sue Rama says:

Will this plugin work with retinal display images? Would there be anything I’d need to know to make this server up the higher def images? I’m afraid I’m not very code savvy : /

Dean says:

Yes it is designed to work with retina images. You can adjust the size of the large images in the setting.

Tara says:

I’ve been looking for a while for a good free ‘responsive wp native gallery plugin’, that is similar to Simpleviewer gallery. Untill I finally found your plugin, that does exactly what I was looking for! First I found the non responsive version, I’m very happy to find there’s also a responsive one! Many people look for ‘wp native gallery plugin’, maybe you can include it as a keyword, so it’s easyer to find ;).

Dean says:

Will do!

anita says:

Is there a way to turn the gallery off on a particular page. I need the core WP gallery on one page and cannot turn off Photospace.

Dean says:

Hi Anita. Not simply. You would need to edit the plugin and make Photospace use only the [photospace_res] short code. See line 375. You would also then need to manually add the short code.

Doug says:

Hi Dean,

Great plugin thanks, is there any way to disable the lightbox?

Dean says:

Hi Doug. Hmm there is no lightbox! It might be in your theme?

Doug says:

That’s odd, I do use lightbox, for non gallery images. When I click on the large image in responsive it triggers the lightbox, if I switch to the non responsive version of photospace it doesn’t, is there much difference between the code in the two plugins?

Dean says:

It’s probably a class on the image or link that is triggering it.

Doug says:

Great, I’ll have a look, thanks

Misha says:

I love the plugin, it’s simple and easy. Though is there an option to display the image first, then the thumbnails and the Next/Previous Page arrows at the very bottom?
Thanks in advance

Hi, I love the plug-in! I always used the non-responsive one because there the thumbnails were shown on a side bar on the left. I saw your post about the addition to the scc code, I pasted it, but no change. Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?
also, in the responsive version, the thumbnails are modified to square thumbs, but that deforms the image.
and last question, is there a way you can specify the max height and with of pics in the gallery?
Already tried altering the scc, but as a gallery can contain portrait pics, landscape pics or square pics, couldn’t find the right way to change the scc without deforming my landscape pics.
If these 3 questions can be answered, that would be so awesome!
thanks in advance!

Dean says:

Hi Vicky. Please post a link so I can see what is missing with moving your sidebar.

There is an option to change the cropped thumbnails. You need to rebuild the thumbnails after changing this. See the other options here for these. Settings > Photospace responsive

Kelly says:

I am updating a site for a client ( The person who build her site was using the first version of Photospace. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it – I can add images, and change the captions – but I cannot remove images from an existing gallery. Here is the procedure I’m following:

Go to existing page
Click on “Add Media”
Click on “Create Gallery”
From the drop down, I select “Uploaded to this page”
I then click to “select” (by adding the checkmark) to all images
…at this point, I can add photos, add or change captions…and then click “Create a new gallery” and the “new” gallery is inserted to the page with the changes I made, after I add the shortcode “photospace” to the edit screen.
The problem….if I want to REMOVE any images…
I click the image and remove the check mark (de-selecting the image) from images I want to remove from the page
I then click “Create a new gallery” and update the page – when I view the NEW gallery – the images I tried to remove are still there.

Can anyone tell me why??

Since I was having this problem, I just tried downloading the new “Photospace Responsive” plug in – hoping that this new, updated version would work correctly. I downloaded, installed and activated the plug in and then followed the same procedure as above (minus adding the shortcode) and still the same result.

Can anyone tell my why??

Kelly says:

Update to above ( With this new plug in, when I go back to “edit” a gallery and under Media Library click the drop down which says “Uploaded to this page” – it shows “No items found” – even though I have 5 images on that page….

Can anyone tell me why??

Dean says:

Sorry this is very unusual. Are your normal galleries working? Our plugin just overrides the standard gallery.

Kelly says:

Did you read both my posts? Yes, my regular gallery is working. I even tried installing this plug in on a different website which has a totally different theme, different other plug ins installed, and a different version of WordPress, (I am a website designer) and got the same exact result.

Dean says:

So are you saying you can’t remove images from a gallery? If you disable the plugin are you having the same problem with the standard galleries?

Kelly says:

Correct – I cannot remove images from a gallery. I did disable the plug in and the standard gallery is working fine. As I also said – I’ve tried this plug in on two different websites with the exact same result.

Clyde says:

Hey Kelly, I’m looking to do something the same way you are doing on your site, with the thumbnails on the side, just like yours, but it’s not working.

Can you please tell me what exactly you did? I tried adding the CSS Dean recommends, but no luck.

Dean says:

Hi Clyde. Sorry for the slow reply. Can you please post a link to demo the problem?

Geraldo says:

I needed the link to open the original file (full)

Dean says:

Sorry this isn’t a feature in this plugin. It wouldn’t be too hard for a developer to add this in. This version has a download button –

Or checkout

Ricky says:

Hi guys,
I’m having problems when the gallery is view on a desktop. the main picture moves way under, leaving a huge space between the thumbnails and the main picture. Do you have a solution for this?

Dean says:

Hi Ricky. Can you send me a link to demo the issue?

Ross says:

I am having an issue using this plugin with “HTML5 Blank” theme. The thumbnails load but the main image doesn’t. I just get the animated loading bar. Everything is ok in the 2015 theme but not in the theme I need to use.

Ross says:

Never mind – it works now. I think the problem was that I had two versions of query loaded. I didn’t realise that WordPress already loads query for you. I removed my extra version and Photospace worked as it should. Some other things broke but now seem to have corrected themselves so happy days!

Ross says:

I think my browser just auto-corrected “jquery”, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

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Alfonso says:

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I have tried and I getting some problems on getting on publish the main image, the thumbnails are loading , but no the main. Can you please help me?

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Dean says:


Can you please post a link to demo the problem?

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