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Pinzolo Theme

Alpine is a brand new WordPress theme we are releasing for free. It has been designed to be minimal and easy to use.

Pinzolo is a brand new responsive WordPress theme. It has been designed to be minimal and easy to customise.

Features include:

  • Theme customisation options in the new Theme Customizer
    • Custom header image and featured image header on posts and pages
    • Custom background and colour
    • Text, links and header colours
    • Edit the Header text
  • Responsive layout for mobile and widescreen browsing
  • Fixed menu
  • Ajax loading for blog posts
  • Designed to work well with our Photospace plugin
  • Drop down menu and tiny Nav for mobile browsing

Coming Features

  • More page layouts
  • More customisation options
  • Post formats

See the Demo and setup guide and Latest Version

Want to contribute? We are now on Github

If you found this theme useful please donate, this helps fund future theme development.

Or Download the theme from

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Created Aug 9, 2012 - Last modified on March 3rd, 2021 - Web Design Gold Coast 193 Responses


  1. Amy

    Love the theme. Is there a great uses guide? I am trying to figure out how to turn on the 2-column option. Thanks

    • Dean

      Hi Amy. Thanks for trying out the theme.

      Looks like you are getting an error with flightbox plugin?

      I’m looking to improve the docs. See here

      To create this style of page you need to set the 2 column page template

      • Mike Keuspas

        But wait, in a later comment you said the theme is single column. I do have the 2 column template, but when I set a page to it, it doesn’t do anything.

        • Dean

          Hi Mike. There is a 2 column page template. You can add widgets to the sidebar.

          • Mike Keuspas

            I do have widgets added to the sidebar. On my home page they display fine. My posts page display single-column whether even if I use the two-column template.

            • Dean

              The post page is single column only sorry.

      • Mario

        Hi Dean,

        i would like to ask you where in the css i can make the navigation bar an the main content a bit shorther? I guess it should be in the
        header p.tagline and #navwrap2? I would like to make both a bit shorther but always relative to different displays and resolutions.

        Thank you a lot!


        • Dean

          Hi Mario. You change the max-width on #navwrap2 or you could add width:80%. It may not work well at smaller sizes however.

          • Mario

            Thank you a lot Dean!
            Cheers Mario

  2. William

    I’ve noticed you have disabled or turned off the admin tool bar when you are log into the dashboard. I see it covers the navwrap. Not having admin toolbar makes it hard to edit the pages or posts when you are logged in and trying to work on the site. I turned the admin tool bar back on through the functions.php. Could you maybe add a (edit post) at the bottom of the (div.dets). I’ve seen this with a lot of themes. Just shows up when you are logged in and editing. What are your thoughts?

    Also, under the single.php the Previous post is on the right side of the page. The Next post is on the left side. I reversed it so that the next post is on the right side of the post. Just seemed backwards. What do you think?

    This theme looks great on a laptop or smartphone. Thanks!!!!

    • Dean

      Hi William. Totally agree. Will add these changes to the new version :)

    • Dean

      New version up now.

      • William

        Looking Good! :)

      • Amy

        what version is the new version? I downloaded and installed what I thought was an update but looks the same. the updates William refers to are not visible.

        Thanks again.

        • Dean

          They should be. Can you post a link to the site?

  3. Maristella

    Hi, I also installed Pinzolo and would like for it to always be in the two column option but I can’t find anything that would let me select that layout in the theme customizer or anywhere else.

    How can I make my blog be always in the two-column option?

    Thank you!

    • Dean

      Hi. Sorry this is only a single column theme.

  4. Maristella

    Also, can you tell me how to make the header image link to Home? I don’t want to have a menu at the top, I’d prefer for the header image to be the link back to the first page of my blog.

    Thank you!

    • Dean

      I’m going to add an option to upload a logo with working link soon.

  5. danilo

    pinzolo rocks!! love that theme,but how i can modify the PINZOLO title,the menu’s options doesent work =)

  6. danilo

    sorry bro,i find the solution =)

  7. william


    In the past I have used the WP feature to break up long posts into pages. I’m wondering if its possible to get this to work with this theme. I don’t know if there would be a conflict with the existing coding. Here is a link to the wordpress support:

    I’m happy to pay for custom work.

    • william

      I see my last post didn’t copy the code. It’s the (nextpage) feature I’m after.

      Also here is the link:

      The first link goes to

      • william

        After all that typing I just got it to work. Never mind. :)

  8. QreousBox

    Love This Theme.. thanks for making it responsive…!

  9. Vince

    Nice work!

  10. Geoffrey


    I’m testing your theme and it’s very nice! Modern, elegant! I love it! I have a problem: do you know how to use a picture in different galleries without uploading in several times (once per gallery).

    I understand that the picture appears in the galleries depending on their “uploaded to” field of WordPress.

    Thanks and congrats again for this theme!

    • Dean

      Are you referring to the Photospace plugin?

      • Geoffrey

        Humm. I don’t know if I can say it’s refering to the Photoscape plugin. I have tested the theme (Pinzolo).

        I upload a picture and insert in a gallery page (using the plugin). It works. Then a insert the same picture in another gallery page and it does not. I have to upload another time the picture to use in this second gallery.

        I hope it’s clear enough ;)

  11. waldi

    Nice theme, but it’s pity that it is not translation-ready.

  12. Étien'

    Hi, here is my website using Pinzolo theme:

    Thanks for sharing this great theme, simple and easy to customize !!

    Happy end of year !


  13. Ping

    Hi, Pinzolo looks like a very nice theme for my purpose. However, I cannot seem to control where to place the thumbnails, and cannot readjust the main image in the Gallery page. (I would like to have the thumbnails on the left and the main image, adjusted to 800×600 for example, on the right.) My Gallery page looks exactly like the Gallery page on your demo site (thumbails on top with an oversized main image.) I have tried to change the css style file (the “photospace override” section) but was not successful. Am I missing something? Thank you for your time and I will really appreciate any suggestion. Regards, Ping

    • Dean

      Hi Ping. The responsive layout of Photospace needs to be in this format. There may be a future version of Photospace that supports other layouts. Check back soon.

    • Dean

      Hi Ping. There is a new responsive version up!

  14. Rory


    I am very interested in using your theme but have noticed a small issue and I wonder if it is unique to me or potentially a bug or issue.

    It seems that when I create a gallery (template) page only uploaded images display. My gallery page is a sub page of a portfolio page. When I add photos to the gallery or create the gallery from existing library photos they do not display – I can see and edit the gallery in the admin view but the page is ‘blank’. If I change to a regular page template, it works fine.

    Even if I created the gallery from uploaded images, any images added later from the existing library do not display.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Dean

      Hi Rory. I need to update the theme to support the new version of Photospace. I’ll do this in the next day or two!

      • Rory

        Thanks so much for the quick reply – I was about to share the work around of ‘inserting the photos’ to the page and then removing them. Cheers and (happy belated Aussie day from Whistler).

  15. JXL


    I love this theme! It’s so simple yet you can do a lot with it. Perfect for my site up update. I do have a couple of questions – the first is – Have you updated the theme to match the photo space plugin yet? I noticed on Jan, 28th you said you would. I downloaded mine yesterday and wonder if it’s set to go before I start fooling around with it or looking for a portfolio plugin. Second is… Can you make the top of the regular pages match the top of the blog page minus the “Category” box. Just leave the search box on the regular pages. From an aesthetics point, this would look so much better.

    • Dean

      I’m actually working on a new Responsive version of Photospace to go with this update. Should be ready in about a week.

      Good idea, I’ll try to leave the search box there.

  16. Rory

    HI Dean – any update on the new version?


    • Dean

      Sorry we have been swamped. Trying to get to it!

  17. ruben

    Hi there,
    great work! I love the theme

    I’m trying to add my logo to the blog.
    Can you help me with the code way to do that?

    I’ve readed is gonna be an update option but could some one help me .
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dean

      Hi Ruben. You can add your logo in the main customisation section. In the main menu go to Appearance > Theme Customizer

  18. Megan

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for this great theme. I’m wondering if you ever see yourself adding the option for a sidebar?


    • Dean

      Hi Megan. I don’t think so. Maybe in a page template.

    • Dean

      Your site looks great :)

  19. Akos

    Hi Dean!

    I have some question! I install Pinzolo on a new, virgin WordPress site, but one the mobile version the menu is crashed. Not loading the scrolling bar. It’s same as iphone as android. What sould I do? Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot!

  20. DavidCB

    Very good theme, clean and concise.

    No color for body text?
    No font select?

    Thank you

  21. Phillip

    Very clean design! This should be the defacto wordpress theme, it’s way easier to work with, almost exactly what I was looking for (it’s hard to find a theme that is 100% what you want, especially free). It’s been forever since I’ve programed websites, haven’t used many of the newer CMS, so I wanted something simple and clean for my wife’s interior design website, and this was able to get it up and running very quick after the last theme I had turned to garbage after running the software update on it.

    The only thing I’d like is the ability to have a different header for the first page vs. other pages. Not really knowing wordpress, it’s possible you might be able to tweak that already and I might just not be in the know.

  22. Jongyul

    Hi Dean.

    I love your theme and wanna tell you Thank you!!

    I have a question here. I installed 1.1.7 ver of pinzolo on my website, but I couldn’t find “Appearance > Theme Customizer” in admin panel. How can I find that option?

    I followed this link,, but still cant find it.

  23. Andrew

    Thanks again for the theme! Its awesome!

  24. artypop


    Thanks for this excellent theme ! It looks really great. I was wondering if you’ll update it to allow easy translation using .po files. Thanks

    • Dean

      Possibly, what do you need to translate?

      • artypop

        I would like to translate the “Search” and “Select category” item (at the top of the page) and mostly the left column (“By” ; “In” ; “With No Comments / 1 Comment / 2 Comments”) “On”). I could do it in the files but, if there’s an update, I will have to change it again. Thanks !

        • Dean

          Thanks, I’ll try to add this in a future version.

  25. li2

    I am really very very very very like this theme.It is simple without redundant information disturbing visitors, but can still contain very rich content.
    But white color will cause eye fatigue, how can I change it? TKS.
    (I have replaced the background image, but it doesnot work. )

    • Dean

      I’ll try to make this editable in future versions. For now you can change the value in the style.css – Line 268 #wrapper_bg

  26. nicai

    I still cannot find the tool bar.
    where is it?

    • nicai

      I mean how to show ’Page Sidebar’ on the page.

  27. nicai

    Thanks for this excellent theme !
    But, I am really want a blank page template for the home page, no header on the home page and have header on other pages.
    Can you help me?

    • Dean

      Sorry for the slow reply. We could create this for you. Feel free to contact me via email for a quote.

  28. Dehumidifier

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  29. Laura

    Hi there :)
    I love the theme, but would like to remove the grey border. Where can I change it? Couldn’t find it.

    • Dean

      Glad you like it! It’s actually a shadow. See style.css line 268.

      • Laura

        Thanks for the quick reply! :)

      • Laura

        I’ve got another question. Is it possible to add an favicon to the site? Thanks again!

        btw: That’s my site: (It’s in German, but it’s quite easy to figure out what is it about when you look at the pics ;) )

        • Dean

          Hi Laura

          Yes, add this to header.php in btween the head tag and create a .ico image.

          <link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico" />  

          • Laura

            Thanks again! Will try to figure it out ;)

  30. Ryan

    Hello! I have two questions/concerns about the theme. Firstly, the admin toolbar is not visible when logged in and viewing the site. Reading through the comments, it seems as if it was visible at one point in time. Any chance that is a random issue on my end? Secondly, the sub-sub-menu items are really hard to get to. When you attempt to hover to the sub-sub-menu item it tends to close the menu. Any fix for that as well? Thank you!

    • Dean

      Hi Ryan

      The admin bar is turned off in the functions.php as it didn’t play well with my fixed menu. This might be changed in a later version.

      The menu can be fixed if you update line 716 in the style.css to

      left: 163px;

      • Ryan

        Awesome, thank you for your help!

  31. Job


    thanks for your theme, I love it!

    Just 2 questions:

    1) Is there a way to have the 2-column layout as the default for the home page? Currently I can only activate 2-columns for other pages via the WordPress “pages” menu. But how can I make my homepage 2-columns right off the bat?

    2) Can the widgets be placed along the footer in a single-column layout?


    • Dean

      There is only a 2 column page layout, not for the blog. No widgets in the footer sorry.

  32. Natwlv

    i would like to make a drop down menu that drops only on click. when you click parent also list children. Can you help me?

  33. My pham oriflame

    I am very interested in using your theme but have noticed a small issue and I wonder if it is unique to me or potentially a bug or issue.
    It seems that when I create a gallery (template) page only uploaded images display. My gallery page is a sub page of a portfolio page. When I add photos to the gallery or create the gallery from existing library photos they do not display – I can see and edit the gallery in the admin view but the page is ‘blank’. If I change to a regular page template, it works fine.
    Even if I created the gallery from uploaded images, any images added later from the existing library do not display.
    Thanks for your help.

  34. Yến mạch nguyên chất

    Thanks for sharing this great theme, simple and easy to customize !!

  35. ATV1200

    I love theme pinzolo. I want to change responsive, Can you help me ?

    • Dean

      Hi, what do you mean “I want to change responsive”?

  36. Jibril

    I was wondering, could you could tell me what changed between versions 1.1.5 and 1.2.5?

    • Dean

      There is a change log in the theme folder

      • Jibril

        Oh, thanks. I hadn’t downloaded the update yet, so I didn’t see the change log.

        Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

  37. Katy

    Love the theme! I have the current theme set to display a static front page with text underneath a custom header I uploaded. But I don’t want the comment box to appear on the home page. Is there an option to turn the comment box on and off for individual pages?


    • Dean

      Yes there is a check box. It may be hidden in your screen options ( top right )

      • Katy

        Perfect! Thank you.

  38. Katy

    Another question. Is it possible to change the size of the images when they appear in the photospace responsive gallery? I have changed the max image size under settings>Responsive Photospace as well as in Settings>Media. But the gallery still doesn’t seem to be changing. The version on your sample page is larger than mine so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. The images I’m uploading are 2048 pixels wide so I know they are big enough but seem to be constrained by some master setting I can’t find. Any idea?

    • Dean

      Did you rebuild the thumbnails?

  39. Katy


    • Dean

      See the info in the plugin settings panel. You need to do this if you have images on the server already.

      • Katy

        Hi Dean,

        I rebuilt the thumbnails as instructed on the plugin settings panel as you suggested. But this didn’t fix the issue with the full size images. Should it have? I’d like the full size images to appear larger than they currently are in my responsive gallery.

        • Dean

          Can you please post a link so I can see the issue?

          • Katy

            Hi Dean,

            Here’s the link.

            I can’t get the images within the gallery to fill the screen larger than this.

            On other pages the images will go larger like here:

            The original size of all the images I uploaded is 2048p wide.

            • Dean

              Hi Katy. It’s limited by the column site. I should make a gallery template!

              If you edit style.css, line 338. Set max-width: 1200px; ( or how wide you want your gallery )


    Hi I’ve remove the sidebar in posts… how to get it back? I’m looking in the theme files but the only place where I’ve found sidebar code is in functions.php and page-2-columns.php anyone can help?

    Thanks in advance!

    Massimo Vicentini

    • Dean

      Can you post a link?

    • Dean

      Sorry there is no sidebar in posts. It’s only part of a page template.


        thanks so much for your response now I’ve understand why I’cant find the sidebar’s code in posts file!

      • Amy

        Hi, I love the minimal theme, how do I get the sidebar to show on my pages? I’m a wordpress beginner- thanks,

        • Amy

          I figured it out-in page attributes, template, choose normal 2-column page. Phew! Thanks,

          • Dean

            Good work :)

  41. Zi

    I am in the process of setting up my website. I have installed the Pinzolo Theme from WordPress. I need help with changing the font and was wondering if you could help? I don’t think you can select a font – there doesn’t seem to be an option there – seems disabled.


    • Dean

      I’ll try to add this as an option in the future. As of now you would need to edit functions.php ( line 11 ) where the Google Fonts are included and style.css ( line 102 & 134 ) where they are referenced.

  42. CanDirekli


    I adore this theme and i uploaded on my blog.
    But on demo, we have a summary alternative and read more option. but on my website posts are full text and no option for summary…

    How can I fix it?

    • Dean

      Looks like you fixed it? Are you using the excerpt field?

  43. Dean

    Looks like you can with

  44. Adam

    I was wondering where I could change the default font size for paragraph text?

    • Dean

      Hi Adam. You would need to edit style.css in the theme directory. The font size and line height. Line 369.

  45. Brittiny Terry

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the Pinzolo theme!

    I read through the comments above and I am currently trying to change all fonts on my page to a different one. I believe I took the steps you mentioned on 2/10/14, but no change. I even changed the font family. Wanted to reach out to you to see if i was missing something? heres what i have below:


    wp_enqueue_style(‘poiretone’, ‘,400italic,600italic,700italic,300,600,700’);


    color: black;
    font-weight: 300;
    font-family: ‘Poiret One’, cursive;

    • Dean

      Looks like it’s working. Did you refresh your browser?

    • Dean

      Also be careful not to copy over styling from another text editor. Best to paste as plain text.

      • Brittiny Terry

        ah ha, I see now.

        and its all really wrong so I still have some work to do, but thanks again . Will continue to update.

  46. Sharon

    Hi, thank you for creating such a lovely layout.

    I’m having a bit of a problem with the responsive layout – when I upload a bunch of pictures, most are able to scale correctly when i change the browser size but for one or two, the picture ratio gets skewed.. I’m not using the photospace plugin.

    Also, wanted to check if a link to Home is available for the header image.


    • Dean

      Hi Sharon. Can you post a link?

      • Sharon

        Hi I found the problem – when I inserted a picture into a wordpress post and decided to copy and paste the picture to place it in a different section of my text, the picture does not retain its responsiveness after it has been copied and pasted.

        But if I re-insert the image in the location where I want it to be instead of copying and pasting, the responsiveness qualities remain.

        Not sure if there’s another way around it!

  47. Amber

    Hey two things :)
    I looooove this theme, it’s really great and it does nearly everything I need!
    Is there anyway you’ll be doing an update with a sidebar option for posts? Coz there’s all that empty space to the left of the posts, if we could edit that it’s be really cool. It’s a bit sad when people can see I have no comments on my posts haha.
    Thanks again, you’ve done a great job!

    • Dean

      Hi Amber. It was designed to be single column but if you increase your image sizes they should fill the column better! You do this in Settings > Media. Your design looks great!

  48. sophie

    Hi Thank you for the theme! This one was the closest to what I had in mind. Is there a way to get the text in the content to be on the left side where the title is and have the images sit on the right?

    • Dean

      Thanks :) You would need to edit the theme layout. It wouldn’t be too hard too hard.

  49. Philipp Lehmann

    Hello Thrive

    Thanks for your excellent theme.
    We are using it for our universities chemistry association blog, see the website.

    kind regards

    • Dean

      Looks good!

      • Philipp Lehmann


        I have one question to ask.
        Have you noticed that when you load more post with the pbd plugin it doesn’t initiate newly added photospace-responsive galleries.

        Is this just me or is this problem known?

        kind regards

        • Dean

          Hi Philipp. Yes this is a problem as the galleries are started on the page load. I haven’t had a chance to look for a solution as yet.

  50. Clack

    Wow, great! Love This Theme.. thanks for making it responsive…!

  51. Leandro Harter

    I can install this module WooCommerce theme?

    • Dean

      Sure, but I haven’t tested it.

  52. Lucas

    Has the menu changed in version 1.2.7? I does not seem to be responsive like in the linked Demo which is version 1.2.5 according to style.css?

    I downloaded the theme from within the WordPress dashboard.

    This menu is derived from a the pages I have created.

    • Dean

      Hi Lucas. You need to setup a menu in WordPress to get that style. Did you follow the steps in the docs?

      • Lucas

        Ah ok, I did not follow the docs. I simply added pages and sub-pages and the menu was generated automatically. I’ll check out the docs to get the responsive menu. Thanks :)

  53. Angela F

    Is it possible to remove page titles from the theme? I have tried using the “custom fields” under “Screen Options” in the page setup but the title is still showing up.

    • Dean

      Hi Angela,

      You could just delete it from the page / post template. Look for

      <h1><?php the_title();?></h1>

      • Angela F

        Thanks. I ended up using a plugin. Another question (thanks for the quick response, btw). Is there a way to adjust the sidebar width? I just have 2 58px images that I want along the sidebar (see site homepage) and the 2 column page looks a little unbalanced.

  54. Dean

    Yes you can adjust this in the css. style.css line 339

  55. Dầu dừa

    Tks Dean, I have just installed for my website.

  56. kích thước dương vật

    i like this theme. thank you so much

  57. Alex

    Simple but beautiful theme!

    Still, I have a menu problem with IE, it is not showing well, the menu items touch the edge of the wrapper, overflowing one part. This problem does not exist in other browsers.

    Also, can I change words “load more posts” at the bottom of the page?

    Once more, congrats on great theme.

    • Dean

      Hi Alex. Can you send me a link to your site? You can edit that text in the js file in the theme. js/load-posts.js line 51.

      • Alex

        Thank you for the reply! I’ve already resolved latter issue, but the problem with IE remains.

        I can just sent you screenshots because the site is under construction mode.

        Here it is in IE (11):

        and how it should be (Chrome):

        • Dean

          I don’t have that issue with my demo. I think you make have broken something with your customisations.

          • Alex

            Thanks, I’ll check that.

  58. sarahair

    thanks, your content is useful to me

  59. Mike

    The black and white combination looks really elegant.

  60. Will

    Nothing beats black and white color combination.

  61. Shaun

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the great template. I was wondering, how can I increase the size of my images or content on the main page / default template, at the moment it is about 700 pixels wide which is a bit too narrow. Thanks!

    • Dean

      Hi Shaun. Wow you work looks epic. In style.css, Line 338. Increase the max width to 950px.

      • Shaun

        Thanks Dean, that worked perfectly. And thanks I appreciate that!

  62. Newkleer

    Looks good, gonna test it out on a site tonight :)

  63. Nebojsa

    very nice and beautiful theme, but I have one problem and cannot solve it.
    I use Firefox to log on WordPress and my site as admin and when look my site from Firefox it’s looks normal. But, when try to see my site from another browser, Chrome or Edge, menu that I made not look like it should, on one browser is lined to the left, and on another is on right, so the items on menu are not positioned like they should.
    Can you help me with this problem?

    • Dean

      Hi. Please download the latest version from this page. Or add this to the bottom of your theme css. There will be some fresh updates next year!

      nav ul{
        text-align: left !important;
      nav ul li a{
        margin-left: 20px;
        margin-right: 20px;

      • Nebojsa

        Thanks Dean for your fast response, that worked!
        Thanks again, and happy holidays!

  64. KubaWinter


    Thanks for this great theme! I chose it for my personal website and set it up using previous version of WordPress. When I upgraded WP my Top Menu got squeezed. For my Top Menu I created new menu in the cockpit and put sites of my website there. With the previous WP version everything worked fine. I didn’t touch anything in .css. Is there a way I could restore the proper look of my website and Pinzolo?

    You may check how it looks like by going to

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Dean

      Hi Kuba. See my comment here :)

      • KubaWinter

        Hi Dean,

        Thank you for your answer. I already downloaded the theme from this website and changed style.css file, but it didn’t resolve the problem. Is there anything else that could be done?


        • Dean

          Did you setup a custom menu?

          • KubaWinter

            Yes, I did set up the custom menu. It looked properly before the WP update. I even tried to created the new menu with different sites – always with the same result…

            • Dean

              I’ve made another update, please try this version

              • KubaWinter

                Thank you for your efforts! What a great support. I have to admit, that I was going to upload your files, when I received an e-mail from WP about another WP update. And now, without even touching anything, everything is back to the beginnings :)

  65. Daisy Lucy

    Great work! Thanks for sharing responsive layout and widescreen browsing themes.

  66. MCSARA

    I may add this as an option but for now add this to your theme css.

  67. MCSARA

    thanks for your wonderful wp theme. its really awesome.

  68. tăng kích thước dương vật

    Thanks for your answer. I already downloaded the theme from this website and changed style.css file, but it didn’t resolve the problem. Is there anything else that could be done?

  69. tăng kích thước dương vật

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