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website design gold coast

Thrive Email Signature Generator

Generate unlimited email signatures from our premade templates inside WordPress!

How does it work? We have built several templates for you to choose from then you can create a post for each one. Just choose your design options, fill out your details, and we will do the rest.

– Multiple layouts to choose from
– Pick your theme colour
– Upload your logo
– Fill out your important details

Instructions to make a signature:

  1. Choose your layout template. (Note: Some templates might not display every field)
  2. Choose your theme colour.
  3. Choose your signature logo, as well as the logo ratio to help it look the best it can.
  4. Fill out the fields with your information.
  5. For fields that you don’t want or need, just leave them blank and they won’t show on your signature.
  6. Choose which social media you want to display.

To install the signature on your email platform the basic procedure is:

  1. View the signature in your browser. You must use Chrome.
  2. Click in the browser window and select All (Cmd + A) ( Ctr + A windows )
  3. Copy (Cmd + C) ( Ctr + C windows ) the signature
  4. Open up your Gmail account
  5. Navigate to the settings page. Click the cog icon ( top right ) and click settings
  6. Scroll down to the signature box
  7. Click in the signature editing window
  8. Select all (Cmd + A) ( Ctr + A windows ) to clear and Paste (Cmd + V) ( Ctr + V windows )
  9. Save changes.
  10. Send yourself a test!

Let us know if you need a hand or have any issues.

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