The Lab Yellowcake – Gatsby Starter Project

Gatsby Starter Project

This is our starter template for lightning fast and serverless websites using Gatsby and Netlify CMS.

Yellowcake – Gatsby Starter Project

Introducing Yellowcake… Thrive’s very own starter project for creating lightening-fast websites with the help of Gatsby and Netlify CMS.



  • Fully responsive layout for mobile and widescreen browsing
  • Advanced Javascript syntax and CSS extensions
  • Free and serverless framework
  • Responsive image loading with the integration of Uploadcare
  • Seamless CMS integration with Netlify
  • Comprehensive blog setup with optional use of categories
  • Fully customisable interface
  • Pre-loading links and data for lightening fast navigation


View the demo or download.

We are on Github if you want to know more or contribute!

Written by Samantha

Samantha is our resident web designer and front-end developer wizard. She is knowledgable in all things digital design and loves to bring new and fresh ideas to our company.