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How to set up your google ads account

Here's our step by step guide to setting up your Google Ads for your business.

Whether you’re looking to bring  in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, advertising through Google Ads can help. Here’s our step by step guide to setting up your Google Ads for your business.

Google Ads Setup

First up we’re going to look for the right keywords to target. For more detail on choosing the right keywords read our article choosing the right keywords here.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Google Account
  3. You will find the keyword planner in the main menu under Tools > Keyword Planner
  4. Select: Find New Keywords and enter words, phrases, or website URL related to your Business
  5. Click on “Get started.”

You will then see average monthly searches and relevant keywords. It is best to try and use keywords that your customers are searching for.

Campaign Setup

  1. Once you have your keywords and are ready to start to create your ads click on the “X” on the top left of the screen (next to the Google Ads logo) and then click on the arrow which appears where the “X” was.
  2. In the left column click on Campaigns
  3. Click on and select “New Campaign”
  4. Select a goal or create a campaign without one.
  5. For campaign type, select “Search”
  6. Then select if you want website Visits, Phone calls, or both. Enter the details for the options selected.
  7. Click on next
  8. On the next page name your campaign
  9. For Networks leave Search network ticked and untick the box for Display Network.
  10. For your location targeting, you can opt for worldwide by default or narrow down to just your local area. The advanced search will allow you to do radial targeting. For example 30km around Brisbane.
  11. Click on the “location options” if you are targeting local area only select:
  12. Target: People in your targeted locations
  13. Exclude: People in your excluded location
  14. Unless your site is multilingual skip the language section.
  15. Set your daily budget.

For the month, you won’t pay more than your daily budget times the average number of days in a month. Some days you might spend less than your daily budget, and on others, you might spend up to twice as much. If you wish to spend $350 a month on ads it is $350 divided by 30.4 days = $11.50 daily spend. We advise against setting your delivery method to accelerated as you will spend your budget quickly and might miss out on clicks later in the day.

In the bidding box for the “What do you want to focus on?” change it to “clicks”, If you wish, set a maximum cost per click.

You now have the basic details needed to create a campaign. Feel free to add some extensions and once done click on “save and continue”

You can now start to create your adgroups. Try and keep each adgroup with a theme and all the keywords related to that theme. For example, if you buy and sell from your business one adgroup would be buying focused and the other selling focused.

When you have all your adgroups created click on “save and continue” to begin making the ads. Each adgroup needs at least 2-3 ads but for the initial setup if you are struggling, create at least one ad per adgroup. You can send users to any page on your site so make sure you send them to the most relevant page based on the adgroup keywords and don’t just send them all to the homepage. It is best to use all headlines and description fields when possible.

Once Done, hit the final “save and continue” button and your first campaign is now ready to go live.

There is a review process that will need to take place before your ads can be seen by users. This is an automated process and usually takes a few hours. If you haven’t already you can enter your billing details by clicking on “Tools” In the top right of the window and clicking on “Billing & Payments”. Once a valid form of payment has been set up and your ads are approved, they will go live. It will take about 5 days for the campaign to optimise, we recommend waiting about 10 days before making any major change to the campaigns.

To see what search terms are triggering your ad to show, from the Overview page click on “keywords” in the left menu column and then along the top of that window click on “Search Terms”. If you see search terms that you don’t want your ads to be seen with, click on the box next to the search term, once you have all the terms selected in the blue bar along the top of the page click on “Add as negative keyword”.

Want us to set up Google Ads for you?

While running your own ads account sounds easy on the surface, setting up and running a successful Google Ads campaign can be difficult for some or too time-consuming for others. Google is known to change policies and the ways their ads function, and if you are not on top of it, your ads can stop running for a day or more, and in some cases a week until Google notifies you.

At Thrive we take all the stress and guesswork out of it for you. This means you can focus on your customers while we do all we can to direct potential clients to you. We specialise in setting up and maintaining effective Adword campaigns. To get started give the Thrive Web team a call on 07 5535 0063 or fill in our contact form and we’ll call you back.

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  1. D.Gomez

    Good guide, quick and concise…
    What kind of campaigns are more effective? of search or display? thanks


    Hi D.Gomez,

    Thanks for reading!

    It depends on what your goal is with your Google Ads Campaigns. Display Campaigns are great for raising brand awareness and retargeting those who have visited your site previously. Search ads are better for direct keyword searches relating to your business offerings, products or services. If you are selling items through an online store you can also use Google Shopping Campaigns to display your product listings on Googles search & shopping network.

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