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WooCommerce Checklist

WooCommerce is at the heart of many ecommerce stores, designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

WooCommerce is known for its simplicity in installation and customisation. With that being said it’s always a good idea to double check things are done correctly, even if you have had your website professionally created. There are a lot of options and it’s almost impossible to get it right first time, so fine tuning is part of the plan.

Take a look at our list of checks to perform when developing a WooCommerce site that is about to go live:

  • Check the System Status! This is a must and can give you a heads up to some serious issues.
  • If you are using fastclick.js there is a glitch which breaks forms in checkout on mobile.
  • Increase memory to at least 128MB.
  • Double check all Settings > General.
  • Is your SSL setup? Check for mixed content errors and send all traffic to https.
  • Double check your shipping settings.
  • Double check your Tax settings. Usually, there is no tax on shipping.
  • Email tab settings – Set the from email and template layout settings including adding a logo!
  • Set an inventory email address.
  • Test add, remove and update cart.
  • Check Shipping styles if shipping in on.
  • Is there coupon codes being used? It’s best to hide this if not.
  • Is there stock management? Make sure this is tested.
  • Are there user account pages? How do these look?
  • Test your payment gateways with real test purchases. Then refund through the system.
  • Add privacy and terms if needed. Use our generator!

After the site is live:

Once the site is live it’s important to monitor new orders and double check it’s all working as expected.

  • Check your stock control is working as desired.
  • Check your TAX calculated correctly – Local and OS.
  • Inspect order email information.
  • Inspect order details and notes.
  • Check that shipping calculated currently – Local and OS.

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