Portfolio Trades Pacific Reforestation

Pacific Reforestations is a high-volume silviculture service to the Forestry sector across Australia that has planted more than 13 million trees since they started in 2018. They reached out to our team at Thrive for a branding guide and brand new website to match.

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Brand Design

Pacific Reforestation uniquely keeps their crew small and strong, hiring carefully and training their staff to be the best tree planters in the country. With sustainability at the core of their business, planting on average 5 million trees a year, we wanted to create a distinguishable brand that encompassed it all. We created a simplistic, yet memorable logo in gold that portrayed Pacific Reforestations credible status in the forestry sector. For overall branding, we stuck with rich greens and clean whites that complimented the logo, while also tying in the business’ link to nature and sustainability.

Website Design

With Pacific Reforestations modern and sophisticated branding in mind, we created a website that is minimal in its true essence, however engaging through its emphasis on imagery. Its video header and team imagery assists in telling the story of community, sustainability and the quality work that Pacific Reforestation provides.


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