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PM Solutions Australia

PM Solutions possess vast experience across industries and aligned assurance reviews to the Queensland government, infrastructure, entertainment, law and communities. Thrive was approached to design and build a robust, dynamic website to create an array of layouts and page sections for the massive amount of important information that needed to be conveyed. This flexible framework allows the content editor to manipulate the layout and design of the page to their needs. The complexity of the structure was overcome with some clever navigational pathways, ultimately resulting in a user-friendly experience.

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Brand Design

For PM Solutions we created clean, consistent branding, choosing a blue, white and green colour palette and a simple yet powerful logo design. Versatile and flexible, the branding design includes a suite of custom icons, reflecting professionalism, experience and strength.

Website Design

As an organisation delivering professional services, it was imperative that the PM Solutions website was robust, easy to navigate and manageable. We created a dynamic website with a flexible framework to ensure it was easy to update, distributes information clearly and provides a user-friendly experience.


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