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Queensland Eye Institute

Queensland Eye Institute is Queensland’s largest independent academic research institute devoted to eye-related health and diseases. QEIF works every day to save sight by providing innovation and excellence in research, education and clinical care. They aim to reduce eye disease, improve eye health, and ultimately eliminate preventable blindness in the community.

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Website Design

It’s great working with clients who have a mission to help others and do work that impacts the quality of life for people in a positive way. This is why we loved working with The QEIF who’s research and work is so important not only for the medical industry but for the community.

For this project we created a clean and professional site that maintained a soft and inviting aesthetic, engaging users who range from patients, researchers and donors with a comfortable and trusted online environment. It was important for this site to portray the right balance of professionalism whilst also being inviting. The QEIF deals in advanced medical trials, research and breakthroughs, but also saving people’s sight with real-life, emotive stories.


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