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Samadhi Builds

Samadhi Builds is a boutique building company servicing Brisbane and surrounds, who through their gold standards in architecture and build, are proud to put their name to every project they undertake. The team at Samadhi approached Thrive for logo, branding, and website design, and since that first phone call we have enjoyed working together to create a unique personality and online presence, allowing Samadhi Builds to really stand out from the crowd.

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Brand Design

We created a modular and edgy logo showing the Samadhi builds appreciation for modern build and architecture. Samadhi has a professional and high-quality image gallery that makes the site eye-catching.

Website Design

Samadhi’s website focuses on a strong hierarchy to allow clients to navigate through the content with ease and find the information to them. The use of a consistent black and white palette and lineal buttons makes the site feel clean and sophisticated, building a strong eternal recognition for Samadhi Builds.


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