Sargeant Planning

Sargeant Planning approached Thrive to create branding and a website to set them apart from their competition. Our designers embraced a consistent colour palette and edgy design to create a one-of-a-kind visual identity for Sargeant Planning.

logo design gold coast

The Brand

For branding design, we wanted to create a unique visual identity that encapsulated Sargeant Planning’s services.

We chose a colour palette of charcoal, marigold and silver, with sharp edges, geometrical design and bold typography.

colour palette design
logo design australia
signage design gold coast

Website Design

To maintain a consistent and polished look across all web pages, our designers integrated Sargeant Planning’s logo as a design element throughout their website. The result is a sleek and modern design that effectively showcases their services in a format that’s easy to navigate

Ensuring accessibility on both desktop and mobile devices was a top priority. As a result, we created a user-friendly experience that caters to everyone who visits the site.

web design gold coast
web design gold coast


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