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The plugin automatically adds any images attached to the post or page into the gallery. See the new version!

Based on the Galleriffic gallery and the Photospace WordPress theme. Photospace takes advantage of the built-in gallery features of WordPress, the plugin automatically adds any images attached to the post or page into the gallery.

Then simply use the shortcode tag [[photospace]] and you’re done.

The Photospace gallery plugin allows you to:

  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Easily order images via drag and drop
  • Add a title, caption and description

Via the options panel you can modify:

  • Thumbnail number, size and shape
  • Size of the main image
  • The width of the gallery columns and the size of the main image
  • Create a basic slide show

Some other features include:

  • Sharp image resizing via Smart image resizer
  • Keyboard control
  • Pagination
  • Slideshow controls option available
  • Supports multiple galleries (Displayed via multiple posts)
  • Supports WordPress multi-site
  • Supports shortcode¬†attributes

See Galleriffic for the original gallery code

Please see the new version here Photospace 2.0


Confused? Here is a basic guide.

You have installed the plugin… now what?¬†The images in the gallery come from images attached to that post or page. ¬†To attach the images you need to upload images on that post or page. Click the¬†Add an image button to upload the images but you don‚Äôt need to insert them into the content. You can just close the add an image window when finished. ¬†Or click save changes and organise the images with the new gallery tab. Then you add the shortcode tag [[photospace]] into the content area where you want the gallery. That’s it!

There is also an admin panel with some options.  Look for Photospace Gallery Options down the bottom on the left. The gallery should work with the default settings.

Broken image links?

If you are seeing broken image links you will need to make the image cache directory inside the plugin directory writeable. You can do this with an ftp programme. Usually chmod 775.

Loading gifs

Create your own colour-coded loading gifs here

Shortcode attributes for advanced users!

You can set the following attributes you control your gallery per instance:

  • id – Set the post to read the attached images from
  • num_thumb – Set the¬†Number of thumbnails on each page
  • num_preload – Set the number of images to be preloaded
  • show_captions
  • show_download
  • show_controls
  • auto_play – Start slideshow automatically
  • delay – Between each slide in milliseconds
  • hide_thumbs
  • thumbnail_width
  • thumbnail_height
  • thumbnail_crop_ratio
  • main_col_width
  • main_col_height
  • horizontal_thumb

Like so

[[photospace horizontal_thumb=true main_col_width=582 num_thumb=7]]

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