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RL Excavations Hire

RL Hire are machinery experts that own a comprehensive fleet of heavy machinery available for wet or dry hire. RL Hire came to us wanting a complete website and branding refresh with a more fashionable direction, some more advanced functionality, and smoother navigation. 

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Brand Design

RL Hire came to us with an old logo they wanted to be rebranded to a more modern look. With that in mind, we stayed consistent with the brand colours, however, tweaked the logo to be more simplified and visually sharper.

Website Design

With modernisation are the forefront of our vision, we created a website that provides the user with a dynamic experience, that is functional and easy to navigate. To reinforce authority in the field, we designed clear, crisp and professional visuals, that instantly engages and impresses users, with a touch of branded personality to attract a contemporary audience.


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