website design gold coast
website design gold coast


Transformus is a health and wellness business that offers a range of services that help people achieve their goals, based on their own personal needs. Some of the services they provide include combined therapy cocktail, massage, emotional freedom techniques, reiki, life coach and hypnosis. They reached out to us to build a website and branding guide that represented their businesses core values and identity. 


With empowerment and the desire to help others at the forefront of the business’ values, we created a logo and branding guide that fitted perfectly with their vision. When choosing colours, we opted for peaceful blues, contrasted against the bold black of the text to depict a combination of both the sports treatment and holistic transformation. The image of the person above the text is a visual depiction of becoming the best version of yourself, which aligns with Transformus’ main goal for their clients.


We created a dynamic website that is welcoming, calming and easy to navigate. The use of the peaceful blues and gentle elements help to build trust with the user. We also added plenty of information, easy navigational systems and engaging icons to show Transformus services.

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