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A sophisticated site for a community of Art Lovers and Art Creators to buy and Sell their art. The site features member logins with event bookings and commission payments. We also created their branding and logo design. It has quickly become popular in the artist community with some amazing works available.

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We have created a sophisticated and creative logo that reflects the love of Art Lovers Australia for the art through imagination, colors, and forms. It presents a fresh and inspirational aesthetic form attracting and engaging artists that share their same passion and also future buyers.

Website Design

We delivered a fun, fresh yet professional website that was built to appeal to all ages. With user experience and easy navigation at the top of their wish list, we created a website that is interactive and communicates all their offerings in an easy-to-use design.

"We love the help THRIVE has and continues to give us. Thank you again for everything you do."

Nancy & Jarrod

Nancy & Jarrod

Art Lovers Australia


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