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Blackwood Building Co.

Blackwood Building Co. is a progressive dynamic construction company renowned for innovation, individuality and integrity. The team approached Thrive to create a branding guide and website that reflected their vision.

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Brand Design

With innovation, individuality and integrity at the forefront of Blackwood Building Co’s vision, we created a branding guide that blended seamlessly with their business’ identity. Known for their innovation and exceptional designs, we opted for a modern coastal feel using subdued beige tones and whites. Much like their designs and builds, we wanted to create an elegant and contemporary feel through modern text and a clean colour palette that stays effortlessly timeless.

Website Design

When it came to design we created a contemporary and minimal feel that reflected their identity. With plenty of imagery and easy navigation at the forefront of the design, we incorporated plenty of dynamic features throughout the website, through scrolling transitions and interactive elements which assist in making the user experience highly engaging.


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