Portfolio NDIS Kindred

Kindred is an uplifting, supportive, and educational space for families raising children with developmental delay, disability or medical needs. It’s a community made by caregivers, for caregivers with the approach that shifts the focus away from deficits to a space where individuals are seen for what they can do. The team approached Thrive to freshen up their branding with new warm colour schemes, custom illustrations and a dynamic website with advanced functionality and smoother navigation.

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Brand Design

When it came to designing the logo, we went for a soft and monochrome feel that aligned with the brand’s inclusivity and instilled the feeling of confidence. Creating a refined concept that reflects who their clients are, for families to see a future of possibility for their children.

Website Design

With advanced functionality and smooth navigation at the forefront of our vision, we created a website that provides a dynamic and enjoyable experience. We used Eye-catching shaped borders paired with real-world imagery to help to form an emotional connection with visitors. A warm colour scheme, custom illustrations, and a distinct brand keep users engaged and evoke a sense of empowerment, community, and support.


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