Picture Polish create breathable and permeable nail polish. Their polishes are friendly to our four-legged friends, vegan and is not tested on animals! What more would you want? Thrive loved bringing some new energy to the Picture Polish brand. We amplified their fun and feminine aesthetic by redesigning their branding, website, and packaging. Picture Polish already has a huge client base with over 500,000 followers on social media, so we created a brand personality that will resonate with existing clients and present a clear fresh direction for attracting and engaging future lovers of the brand.

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Brand Design

We aimed to breathe new energy into Picture Polish, bringing to life the brand values through colour, creativity and connection. We envisioned a fun and feminine aesthetic that resonates with their new and existing clientele

Website Design

Their new brand was transferred into the design which aims to give a fresh visual overhaul, modernising the interfaces and simplifying the experience for the user.


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