website design gold coast
website design gold coast

Pivotal Homes

Pivotal Homes are Australian-owned and operated and have been delivering a seamless building experience to Queenslander for more than 15 years. The team approached Thrive for a logo, branding, and website that reflected their quality service and expertise in functional design for real living.


Pivotal Homes came to us with an old logo they wanted to be rebranded to have a more modern twist. It was important the connection between the old logo and the new was still recognisable. From that, we created a stripped back and simplistic logo that represented the brands quality and contemporary feel.


Through modern and clean branding, we created a visually appealing website with geometric elements and a dynamic column layout. With functionality at the forefront, we made sure the website was both user friendly and engaging with professional photos that attract the user’s attention to Pivotals quality designs.

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