bobi, a tactile and responsive aid, was invented by psychologist Damien Thomas, who observed many of his clients struggling to develop and keep good breathing habits. Damien approached Thrive Digital to create a dynamic website that captured the potential of bobi and demonstrated bobi's benefits to an online audience.

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Web Design

The focus of this website is to shine a spotlight on the advantages of bobi, and our designers achieved this through engagement and education. The homepage features a captivating full-screen looping video showing bobi in action. A user-friendly interface offers clear, step-by-step instructions on how users can reap the benefits of bobi, through the primary principles of seeing, feeling, and guiding.

Our approach to this website extended beyond just product promotion, we fostered a holistic understanding of wellness, integrating easy-to-navigate online courses to educate users on the causes, symptoms, and treatments for anxiety.

This website seamlessly incorporates an online shop and cart for shopping. For more information, the blog contains a wealth of resources, providing a comprehensive knowledge base on well-being and stress management.


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