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We work with charities, non-profits and NGOs to create website designs and digital solutions that increase supporter engagement. Our team of design experts develop nonprofit websites to communicate their cause, promote volunteers to sign up and encourage donor contributions. An effective non-profit website design should act as a brand awareness tool to create excitement around a cause and to generate continued support.

Make an impact online! Thrive Digital creates purpose-driven non-profit websites.

Thrive Digital understands the unique challenges of championing a cause and creates dynamic non-profit and charity websites that serve as hubs for your mission. With a deep understanding of your brand, we create engaging websites that make a huge impact.

What makes a great non-profit website?

  • A purposeful experience that amplifies your cause.
  • Inspiring content, turning visitors into active supporters.
  • Interactive website features that foster engagement.
  • Strategic navigation, guiding users towards meaningful actions.
  • An impactful UX with engaging visuals and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Compelling visuals and a strong narrative.

Global Care

Thrive Digital partnered with Global Care Australia to enhance their online presence and outreach and bring their website to life with a user-friendly interface and custom animations.

Eczema Support Australia

Thrive worked with Eczema Support Australia to create a dynamic website with engaging imagery. The website is designed to connect the community to helpful resources and communicate the ways in…


Bravehearts primary goal is to prevent child abuse. Thrive has been proud to work with this important, not-for-profit charity for many years when we did a revamp of their website…

Queensland Eye Institute

Queensland Eye Institute is Queensland’s largest independent academic research institute devoted to eye-related health and diseases. QEIF works every day to save sight by providing innovation and excellence in research,…

Active & Healthy Alliance

Active & Healthy Alliance is a professional network working together to support, promote, and deliver high-quality responses to the health needs of the Gold Coast community. The Active & Healthy…

Life Education Australia

Life Education Queensland programs teach children safer and healthier choices by introducing key health messages about nutrition, physical exercise, online safety, legal and illegal drugs, and cyberbullying. To reflect the…

Gold Coast Little Athletics

Gold Coast Little Athletics provides family-friendly competitions on Friday nights and training activities during the week. All children, regardless of ability, are encouraged to participate in sport designed to help…

Professional not-for-profit and charity websites

A professionally designed not-for-profit and charity website will help you make a positive impact and connect with supporters in the digital world. At Thrive Web, we create professional custom-designed websites using WordPress as our preferred platform – no templates in sight. 

Collaborating with our team of SEO specialists and copywriters, we will optimise your website, elevating its ranking on Google search results. We can fine-tune your local SEO strategy, guaranteeing increased visibility to local audiences, and ensuring your business is easily discoverable by potential customers. Partner with Thrive Web to enhance your online presence and effortlessly connect with your target audience.

Not-for-profit and charity web design Gold Coast

When it comes to designing your not-for-profit or charity website, you can’t look past the experts at Thrive Web. With years of experience, we understand the needs of not-for-profits and charity organisations and have the skills to design a website that meets your unique needs. 

Not-for-profit and charity websites need to highlight the heart and soul of your cause, effectively communicating your mission, engaging supporters and presenting calls to action that encourage website visitors to support your organisation. Thrive Web developers and designers will create a beautiful modern website that tells your story to create maximum impact and create a bridge between your cause and the support it needs. 


Why should I choose Thrive Web to create my non-profit website?

Thrive Web are the experts at creating engaging not-for-profit and charity websites. In the past we’ve designed a range of sites for different organisations, ensuring their story is told and they have a strong online presence.

How much does a not-for-profit and charity website cost? 

How much your website costs will depend on the complexity of the design. From simple to more comprehensive designs, we can do it all. Speak to our team to get a quote on a not-for-profit and charity website. 

What features are important for a not-for-profit website? 

Your website needs an easy-to-navigate interface that showcases your organisation through an about us section, a list of programs or services, donation options, real stories, FAQs, calls to action and a contact page. Content must be optimised for search engines.

How can we drive traffic to our not-for-profit website? 

There are many ways to drive traffic to your charity website. Through effective SEO content, social media, email marketing, paid social media ads and community engagement you can ensure your website is seen by more people within your target audience. 

Should my non-profit website include a donation page? 

What pages you include within your not-for-profit website is up to you, every charity organisation is different. If you choose to have a donation page, ensure it has clear calls to action and effectively communicates your mission to encourage funding from supporters. 

What content management system is best for a charity website? 

At Thrive Web, we use the WordPress platform as it is fully customisable and is a great option for organisations in the not-for-profit sector. The WordPress platform enables us to add security features and any suitable plug-ins for fundraising and events. 

Where will my website be hosted? 

All our sites are hosted on the best cloud servers provided by Amazon AWS Cloud or Vult in Sydney, specifically optimised for increased website speed and performance. We personally set up, monitor and manage our servers, so forget getting caught up with a middleman and know we have proven experience in WordPress hosting high-traffic websites and managing digital resources.

What's the best way to tell our story on a non-profit website?

You can share your mission and values in the about us section of your website. We also recommend adding high-quality images and video content to share your story.


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